Charmilles EDM Parts

 Charmilles EDM Parts

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If you are looking for high-quality EDM parts at reasonable prices, you need to check out TAGUTI. They offer high-quality wire cut EDM spare parts, which include diamond wire guides, polished power feed contacts, pinch rollers, and die blocks. The company also sells a variety of EDM consumables.
Novotec brand wear parts

Novotec offers a complete line of EDM wear parts and consumables for a wide variety of applications. The company is known for its high-quality EDM products and designs. The company also manufactures EDM filters and other consumables such as molybdenum wire. The company also provides customers with powder coating systems and filters for their EDM machines.
TAGUTI online shop for low speed wire cut EDM machines

Low speed wire EDM machines have various advantages over high-speed machines. They can cut hard material more precisely and can make several passes. Also, they are more time-efficient. In addition, wire EDM machines are suitable for smaller workpieces. So, they are often used in job shops.

The wire EDM machines feature highly responsive and precise linear motors, which help them automatically process complex shapes. This makes them ideal for micromachining and small electronics industries. They also have a stationary worktable, which facilitates easy access to the work zone. They also feature an oil-based dielectric configuration, which improves the quality of the work piece and the surface finish.

The U-Series wire EDM machines are among the most advanced machines available in the market. They come with various options for wire guide systems and are highly configurable. They also come with a dual independent flush pump for more efficient wire use. Furthermore, they are equipped with high-end H.E.A.T configuration, which means that they provide better surface finishes and faster processing times. The U-Series wire EDM machines also provide excellent performance in the areas of complex part geometry.
Charmilles nozzle

Charmilles edm parts include nozzles, needles, and guides. They are designed and manufactured to work with precision, and are available to order online for immediate shipment. In addition to their edm consumables, TAGUTI offers wire-cut EDM machines and spare parts of high quality. Some of these parts include diamond wire guides, polished power feed contacts, water nozzles, pinch rollers, and die blocks.

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