Top Surfing Vacation Sites in Australia

Surfing is a fun activity that many people enjoy. More and more people are getting involved in this type of activity, in fact, many beginners have been trying to learn this famous sport in recent times. There are many places in Australia where surfers can enjoy the surf scene and the perfect waves to slide on their surfboards. Cheap flights are purchased online, so you can always visit these Australian websites directly from Australia.

Long Reef Beach

If you go to the far north you will find a long reef which is ideal for surfing. The nature of the waves is the breaking of corals that move left and right. There are some beautiful waves of different sizes. There are many mysterious breaks to traverse the site.

In addition, viewers will have a pleasant moment with the white sands of Long Reef. This site is a protected area of ​​the state water reserve as well as a golf course. If you want a nice view, you can go upstairs to watch the migrating whales.


When you surf Redbill, you’ll find iconic sites that surfers love. Being here will complete your experience with perfect waves and wind conditions. The local scenery is great too and a bonus for some really amazing surfing. If you want to enter a surf competition or just want to be out there, you can have it here on Redbill because surfing competitions are held here regularly.

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This surfing site in Australia is one of the world’s class. You will definitely love the waves here and be satisfied surfing with the type of waves from the estuary to the left. Boxhead is truly epic, where you will be dragged down 1,500 meters onto a sandy beach under construction at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River. The demand for currents depends on the nature of the sand. That’s why this place is often bustling with jet skis and boats, sharks and currents.


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