Choosing The Right Oil For Your Mid-century Furniture

 Choosing The Right Oil For Your Mid-century Furniture

The aesthetics of your furniture requires a whole lot of caring with the right products. Otherwise, the textures, colours, and materials will get damaged and fade away. Good oiling can keep your mid-century furniture or retro furniture going for years.

It can get daunting to find the right oil for the furniture even then, mainly because the popularity of such furniture only rose a few years ago. 

Retro furniture is functionally etched into their renaissance design with clean lines and simple curves. Indeed, a well-maintained one can transform the style and aesthetics of your home. Are you ready to understand which oiling is good? 

When Does a Mid-Century Furniture Need Oil? 

Good quality and compatible oil are like nectar for these years old furniture designs. Therefore, choosing a lubricant is essential to keeping their integrity intact. 

You will know that it requires oil when the furniture has a dry essence. If it feels dry or even looks unappealing, then it is time for you to apply a few coats of the oil. This way, you will lock in some moisture and bring back the shine in your furniture. 

What Oil is the Best for Such Furniture? 

The best oil for retro furniture is natural teak oil. By adding a few layers of these oils onto your dry furniture, you are giving it the food it desperately requires. 

Natural teak oil is the best option because it easily seeps into the wood’s pores. This way, the oil will help fill it out and ensure a smooth finish. Consequently, the furniture’s colours and the teak oil accentuate the grains and give a beautiful shine. 

It would be best to contact a restoration specialist for your furniture or buy the oil from a reputable supplier. 

How to Choose the Perfect Furniture Oil? 

Australia’s furniture retail market size had a 20.1% growth in 2021. So, it is evident that people will start looking for the best way to care for that furniture. 

Indeed, the market is competitive and finding the right oil can be time-consuming. So, it would be best to understand how to choose an oil for your mid-century furniture

Here are some tips: 

  • Non-toxic and natural teak oils are the best 
  • Make sure never to go for petroleum distillates 
  • Choose a premium teak oil from the industry 
  • Refrain from using silicone polish 
  • Non-coloured teak oil will not stain your furniture 

Apart from these, you also need to apply a fresh layer of varnish or urethane to freshly oiled retro furniture. It will help seal the wood and lock in the shine of the oil. Moreover, it will also allow the wood to seep in all the benefits of teak oil. 

The Bottom Line 

Besides being a timeless beauty, mid-century furniture deserves to be intricately taken care of. Such furniture can complement and decorate your home and enhance its aesthetics altogether. However, this retro furniture requires proper care to preserve them for centuries to come. 

To do that, you will need to oil it whenever the furniture feels dry or unappealing. You need to use teak oil as it is the best choice to seal all the shine in the wood. 

Are you ready to preserve your retro furniture and pass it on as a family heirloom? Then, you need to look after it from today!

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