Chrome Hearts – The Mysterious High-End Clothing Brand

 Chrome Hearts – The Mysterious High-End Clothing Brand

Chrome Hearts is a high-end clothing brand favored by fashion icons. However, despite their high-profile status, the brand doesn’t have a well-established ecommerce site. In addition to this, there is not much press surrounding the brand. That being said, we’ve gathered some information about the brand.

Chrome Hearts is a high-end fashion clothing brand

In recent years, Chrome Hearts has diversified into mainstream consumption and resale boutiques. It has also launched a direct-to-consumer shopping section. The brand has become a major supplier to celebrities, influencers, and rap artists. The company has expanded from a small home-based operation to a sprawling campus with over 250,000 square feet of production space visit the website.

The brand is made in the USA. Its Los Angeles headquarters span three blocks and employs more than 1,000 people. Some of its pieces can go for over $6,000 at retail. Among the top selling items on resale sites are cotton t-shirts that cost $400 plus, jeans and embroidered baseball caps that cost over $500.

The brand was founded in 1988 by two motorcyclists. They joined forces with jewelry designer Leonard Kamhout and designer John Bowman. Since then, Chrome Hearts has become one of the most popular names in high-fashion. Famous people have walked the runways wearing Chrome Hearts pieces. Karl Lagerfeld is one such customer.

It is popular amongst fashion titans

Off-White and Virgil Abloh have both praised Chrome Hearts as one of their favorite brands. The pair collaborated on a series of products, including a bright orange hoodie. They also designed a capsule collection for Art Basel Miami. Virgil Abloh, meanwhile, hosted a showcase of his spring/summer 2019 collection at Chrome Hearts’ New York flagship. The collaboration featured an orange hoodie and a split wooden bench.

Cher, a well-known pop singer, is a fan of Chrome Hearts. She is a close friend of the brand founders and was the godmother of their eldest daughter, Jesse Jo. Cher gave Jesse Jo the nickname “Sugar Jones” when she was young and named the brand’s boots after her.

Founded in 1988, Chrome Hearts has grown into an internationally popular brand with a gothic influence. The brand’s first pieces were designed for motorcyclists and later became popular amongst the fashion elite. Today, the brand is owned by Richard Stark and employs numerous members of his family. Everything is made in the USA and features a distinctive, edgy gothic aesthetic. The brand also tends to stick to black and silver colors.

It has a lack of ecommerce

It’s clear that the LA-based Chrome Hearts doesn’t want to be an ecommerce store. While its core clientele is still LA bikercore, it’s quickly evolving beyond its roots and into high-fashion and streetwear collaborations. The result is a surge in demand that has led the company to expand both within and outside the U.S. During the 2000s, Chrome Hearts opened ten stores in Japan and Asia and opened shop-ins in a dozen department stores. That’s not even counting Europe.

It’s hard to pin down Chrome Hearts’ ecommerce strategy without a lot of detail, but there are some good points to the site. First, it’s easy to browse through the clothing, ranging from sneakers to jewelry. This brand’s style is a reflection of its owners’ personal tastes and lifestyles. Their products are made of high-quality materials, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Chrome Hearts also works with a large network of partners. Whether it’s an artist or a company, the Chrome Hearts team is constantly on the lookout for the best partners to work with.

It lacks press

Chrome Hearts is a somewhat mysterious brand with little press and minimal ecommerce. The brand releases two collections per year but has not participated in fashion weeks or launched seasonal lookbooks. Their only press is a magazine that features models in their seasonal wares. The magazine is inconsistent and only available in-store.

While the company lacks press, its founder, Matt DiGiicomo, is a recognizable face in the fashion industry. He says that the word “luxury” is a fashion industry term that implies superiority and control. But he also claims that his company is homegrown and rivals any American luxury goods business.


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