Clean a cesspool with and without pumping options

 Clean a cesspool with and without pumping options

When building a small country or country house, most homeowners solve the problem of sewage disposal – they dig a cesspool, where all the waste products of the residents are drained through pipes. But the time “H” comes, and the frozen sewer reminds itself with a pungent odor. The current achievements of technologists make it possible to attract professionals without spending money.

Why the cesspool needs to be cleaned

Unlike a septic tank, a cesspool is a primitive reservoir with no sign of drainage. And all its contents are entirely stored there until the moment of pumping out. And not just stored: an explosive mixture of feces, food waste, and detergent, if it enters the soil, is a potential threat to human health. The city people deserve the best park city plumbing from a renowned Institute. Therefore, timely cleaning of toilets and cesspools is essential: their overflow leads to environmental pollution.

Also, a drain pit filled to the brim emits a very unpleasant odor that can negate the joy of living in nature.

Tip: To avoid coercion, care should be taken to clean your country’s cesspool when it is two-thirds full.

Method of cleaning

Drain pit cleaning can be done in three ways:

  • Pumping content with its subsequent export;
  • Treatment with special chemicals;
  • With the help of bacteria.

Pumping method

This method belongs to the Department of Traditions and is first kept in mind when answering how to clean a cesspool in a private home. The operation can be assigned to a company that has sewerage equipment. Equipped with a pump and a container for sewage collection, the machine handles the task quickly. And for an extra price, you can also order the interior surfaces of the drain pit to be washed.

The pump is selected according to the performance depending on the size of the cesspool to pump the cesspools. We have a skilled plumber in park city to give you the best plumbing service. Better to buy a plastic container with thick walls, equipped with a neck for pumping liquid and a low drain hole for emptying it.

Chemically clean

Chemicals have long been used to clean pools and toilets. The most readily available of these is always formaldehyde. However, recently it has virtually disappeared from free sale due to carcinogenicity and high toxicity. In addition to formaldehyde, wastewater treatment uses:

  • Nitrate oxidizing agents: They contain surfactants in their composition, which can break down organic matter. They are not afraid to put detergent in the drain hole;
  • Ammonium compounds (quaternary): An excellent work, but from an environmental impact point of view, they are entirely undiscovered. In addition, these drugs do not work well in household chemical waste products;
  • Bleaching powder: As well as formaldehyde is rarely used due to its harmful effects on living organisms.

From this point of view, the most common is still a mechanical method of sewage removal. Still, the use of partitions will significantly reduce the number of taps for sewers.

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