Clear, removable aligners as an ideal alternative to traditional braces

 Clear, removable aligners as an ideal alternative to traditional braces

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It’s now, no longer just younger people having their smiles improved, there has been a quantum paradigm shift towards adults having their teeth straightened with the introduction of clear, removable clear aligners leading the way.

Whether for professional, aesthetic, or even practical reasons, we are now seeing more and more adults seeking discreet orthodontic treatment options that do not require a complex maintenance routine, as in the case of fixed appliances. With that in mind, in this post, we have separated 3 device alternatives to braces for the adult audience. 

Clear aligners: custom-made aesthetic orthodontic appliances

Clear aligners are an alternative to conventional fixed appliances that use brackets, elastics, and wires to align teeth.

Aligners are transparent, removable, and individually customized for each person.

Technology and health go hand in hand, so it is fortunate that aligners give us possibilities to take care of ourselves without sacrificing aesthetics and teeth/gum health.

For these reasons, clear aligners have become such an important treatment alternative to other orthodontic appliances.

Completely different from traditional orthodontics, clear aligners are comprised of a set of removable, transparent, and extremely thin mouthpieces that provide gradual movement of the teeth.

More benefits – Aesthetics are greatly improved using clear aligners. They also bring other advantages such as:

-ease of removing to eat

-practicality for cleaning (brushing and flossing)

-predictable stages of treatment from start to finish using 3D virtual simulations.

Transparent aligners require changing every 2 weeks to progress to the next step.

What are the negatives of clear aligner treatment?

The only negative, if aligners are considered a viable option, is that it is up to the wearer to maintain a strict regime in terms of the wearing cycle and changeover of each set of aligners according to the instructions provided.

Do clear aligners affect the way you speak?

There should be no discernible difference in speech after several days of getting used to wearing them.

Virtual Planning

One of the major benefits of using orthodontic aligners australia is 3D virtual planning. This treatment method to promote orthodontic movement was the first based exclusively on three-dimensional (3D) technology.

In addition, this new technique incorporated technology into orthodontic treatment with the help of computers and the development of software called Clinic Check. The 3D (virtual) images of malocclusions are manipulated through the software and produce a series of successive stages of small tooth movements.

For each of these stages, stereolithographic models are constructed, on which transparent aligners are fabricated.

These aligners must be used sequentially by the patient for an average of 14 days, so they are numbered according to the course of treatment. The juxtaposition of these transparent and removable aligners to the teeth, in the correction of malocclusions, determines a satisfactory aesthetic outcome and favorable oral hygiene.

Why Do Experts in Orthodontics Prefer Clear Aligners?

The convenience and ease of use of various Aligner systems have already made millions of people choose aligners over other treatment options.Designer Aligners is a boutique aligner company that specializes in difficult adult cases and more recently pre-teen children.

Designer Aligners has successively completed thousands of cases and helped people achieve a new smile.

Listed below are some of the advantages of aligners:

*Most people will not even notice you are in treatment

*​They do not interfere with your lifestyle

*No dental visits are required

*You can wear them full time or at night only


*Do not impede speech

*Do not irritate or lacerate your mouth

*24/7 availability to contact us for details of your treatment or any queries you may have

Designer Aligners, an orthodontic braces alternative, is chosen by thousands of people for a beautiful smile.

Are Designer Aligners clear aligners” for me?

Designer Aligners are used to treat the most common orthodontic problems in adults, adolescents, and pre-teens.

Designer Aligners will improve your smile whether you need only slight changes or more complex treatment. 

Designer Aligners can treat spacing, crowding, overbites, open bites, and cross bites. 

We improve your lifestyle; we don’t change it:

Designer Aligners uses clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. In this way, you can go about your daily routine during the treatment. Unlike traditional braces, aligners don’t irritate your mouth as wires and brackets can.

A Perfect Image Before and During Aligners Treatment

It is natural that you always want to look radiant, at work, at school or with friends. Perhaps you work directly with the public, directing groups or in meetings. You can keep doing that with no embarrassment.

Designer Aligners clear aligners are transparent and practically invisible. No one will know they’re straightening your teeth…unless you tell them! Once the treatment is over, you will feel more comfortable in front of people and your smile will be dazzling.

Here are the steps for Orthodontic Treatment with Designer Aligners:

Step 1: Contact us for an assessment

Designer Aligner’s expert team of treatment planners will evaluate your case and discuss the evolution of your treatment. 

(You can order your teeth impression kit from home and send us your impressions).

Step 2: Designer Aligners makes your aligners

Designer Aligners uses advanced 3-D imaging technology to transform your impressions or scans into a series of custom, clear removable aligners.

Step 3: You receive your aligners

We will let you know when your aligners arrive and we’ll guide you through how to use and care for them.

Step 4: You wear your aligners

You wear your aligners day and night for approximately 2 weeks or at night only for 3 weeks removing them to eat, drink and brush your teeth. The treatments last on average 6-8 months. 

Step 5: You finish your treatment!

Congratulations! When you are finished with the series of aligners, your treatment will be complete land you will have straight teeth and the beautiful smile you envisioned.

We are at your disposal. You need to just decide it’s time to improve your smile, the rest is up to us. The way to get a beautiful smile is simple.

Click here and schedule your online consultation!

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