Clear braces: An Assertive and Discreet treatment

 Clear braces: An Assertive and Discreet treatment

The clear braces, in general, consists of an extremely simple type of device that has an innovative proposal: to ensure an assertive and at the same time discreet treatment.

In other words, the device moves the teeth for the proper correction, which is the purpose of the treatment, without affecting the patient’s aesthetics, having a finish that is easily unnoticed by third parties.

There are two types of clear aligners, namely: fixed braces and self-ligating braces. Both are made of porcelain, however, the biggest difference between them is their assembly. The self-ligating appliance does not have rubbers, like the fixed appliance, so the orthodontic wire is attached to the appliance itself through a kind of clip. There are alternative to braces as well if you wanna have a look.

When we refer to the dental device, we need to keep in mind that the treatment requires a series of care to ensure a faster, safer, and more assertive process. In general, the main ones are:

  • Be careful with food (avoid solid, ribbed, pigmented or sticky products);
  • Care with some habits (such as smoking, cigarette stains teeth and braces);
  • Keep your teeth always sanitized, in the same way the braces.
  • Always attend maintenance and appointments.

Using this type of device can yield several benefits to the patient, such as: it ensures self-esteem and well-being, improves the feeling of security when smiling, promotes a simpler and faster process. For a brief comparision on Invisalign vs braces please check this article.

Teeth Braces: How do I know if I need to use braces?

Patients cannot determine whether the device is suitable for their treatment, but some signs may give hints that this may be the case.

So, check out some points that are usually indicative that someone may need orthodontic treatment:

  • toothaches.
  • misaligned teeth.
  • headaches or neck pain.
  • discomfort when chewing.
  • recurrent caries.
  • Difficulty brushing.

To verify that the device is necessary, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with a trusted orthodontist.

He will analyze your teeth and order additional tests, such as X-ray, to have an even broader view of the issue. From there, you will see whether you need appliances and, of course, which one is the most suitable for you.

Types of Clear braces:

Below, see some options for discreet appliances that will allow discreet orthodontic treatment, with different models:

Aesthetic device 

In this model, we have the same function as metal fixed appliances, that is, it gradually promotes the movement of the teeth to their correct position.

However, the main difference lies in the material used for its composition, since it is not translucent like others already mentioned in the text.

Self-starting device

Like the traditional fixed, in this model the brackets do not require the use of the famous rubbers. With this, it is possible for them to have a kind of cap to hold the wire.

However, in this option, even if the materials are translucent, the metallic wire is still used.

lingual appliance

Despite the name, the lingual appliance is fixed to the teeth. However, there is a difference, it is fixed on the back, that is, on its inner face.

This model is the darling of those looking for a truly invisible treatment, because, even if the metallic wire still exists, it is completely hidden on the back face of the teeth.

Clear Aligners:

This model is considered the “top of the line” for those looking to align technology with results. Clear Aligners can be used in numerous cases, for example, minor adjustments, more complex alignment treatments, among others.

In addition, it is made of removable acetate plates, which are placed over the teeth. There is also the presence of software that allows a perfect fit in the arcade.

How much do braces cost?

How much do braces cost is one of the biggest doubts of patients when they get to know the treatment and all the advantages it presents.

In fact, the answer to this question varies according to the individual needs of everyone, that is, if the correction is longer or with more movements and more complex, the treatment will have a higher cost.

The device works by aligning or moving teeth into the correct position, and they are personalized for each person, so no two aligners are the same. How much transparent braces cost depends on the amount of movement the patient’s teeth require to successfully treat the case.

For this reason, to know for sure how much the treatment will cost, it is necessary to schedule a clinical evaluation with an orthodontist. Despite being suitable for all ages, it is notable that they are in great demand among the teenage audience, since they do not leave a metallic smile.

How much do braces cost in Australia?

If you are looking for a how much do clear brace cost in Australia, know that the treatment is affordable. Varying according to patient needs, procedures, processes, and type of device chosen. In addition, for more convincing information about the clear braces and how much it costs, it is valid to look for a qualified clinic and a suitable professional, thus guaranteeing data according to your profile and needs. Do not hesitate to choose the location that offers you the best value for money.

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