Clubhouse Clone Can Help You Secure a Place in the Social Media Industry

 Clubhouse Clone Can Help You Secure a Place in the Social Media Industry

Audio conversations are receiving more attention now. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, there is one social media platform that is acquiring humongous attention. It is none other than Clubhouse. Launched exactly 18 months ago, Alpha Exploration Co decided to revolutionize the social media sector. Today, the voice-based app on the Google Play Store has received a whopping 10 million downloads from users. Entrepreneurs can also transform the digital era by launching a customized Clubhouse clone. 

Why is the popularity of Clubhouse soaring?

Clubhouse continues to innovate despite tough competition in the market. It has added new features in recent times. Users can utilize functionalities like Universal Search, Backchannel, Clips, Spatial Audio, and Waves. Consequently, this has helped listeners to hear audio translucently. 

Furthermore, they can also directly interact with ordinary people and personalities either via individual or group messaging. This will help them maintain a personal touch with selected users. Additionally, cybernauts have full freedom to accept or reject a chat request. 

Know the importance of a Clubhouse Clone

It is a pre-built audio network solution packed with features similar to Clubhouse. In addition to that, techpreneurs can add their brand name and logo as per their business needs. Importantly, the Clubhouse like platform can be deployed in the market in just a few days. This will give digipreneurs a humongous advantage over their rivals. 

Besides that, business visionaries will incur less expenditure at the initial stage. They need not deploy state-of-the-art technologies and tools for creating an audio-based social network. 

Furthermore, there is no necessity to hire trained software developers. An app development company will have knowledgeable tech specialists on its roster. As a result, the hiring costs are minimal. 

Decoding the different features of a Clubhouse Clone Platform

  • Hallway – One of the cornerstones of a Clubhouse clone is the Hallway. It is at the centre of all discussions. People can listen to different kinds of conversations round the clock. They can check out the list of discussions and choose the specific genre as per their interests and tastes. 
  • Include bio – Transparency is the key aspect of an audio-based social network like Clubhouse. Users can include information about their personal life and professional achievements by tapping the Bio mechanism. Subsequently, potential members will see their background and follow them in a quick time. 
  • Raise Hand option – Want to ask a question in an interactive discussion? Yes, it is possible on a Clubhouse clone script. Cyber surfers tap the Raise Hand button on the online platform. Further, the host of the room will accept one request at a time. Members can pose their queries to specific orators and get their doubts clarified. 
  • Sharing of real-time notifications – Users will receive instant updates from the voice-agnostic social media platform. They would know the new rooms created by hosts and celebrities who are part of various talk shows and sharing their views on different topics.  
  • Start Room button – Creating a Room on Clubhouse is a breeze. Users can choose various types of rooms like Open, Closed, and Welcome. How are the 3 rooms different from each other? For instance, anyone can join an Open room. Only followers of the host can be part of Social rooms. Further, only invited participants can be members of Closed rooms.  
  • End a Room facility – Wish to complete conversations on time? Yes, it can be done. Hosts can end an audio room anytime on Clubhouse. After the agenda of the meeting is completed, they can press the End Room button. 
  • Round the clock support – Entrepreneurs need to have a support team in place for handling issues faced by users. Cybernauts across the globe can reach out to the Help Centre. They can solve problems related to account management, data protection, device compatibility, duplicate accounts, password recovery, privacy, and security.  
  • Social media sync options – Aiming for more fame on Clubhouse? Users can add their social networks like Instagram and Twitter to their  Clubhouse profiles. Other members of the audio-based platform can see their virtual accounts and get real-time updates. 

How do entrepreneurs benefit from a Clubhouse like platform?

Techpreneurs get a lot of advantages by developing a Clubhouse clone. They can overtake their competitors in the market. Voice-focussed content is the biggest advantage. Instant messaging apps and social networks that are widespread across the globe are the hubs of multimedia content. 

The positives of launching a Clubhouse clone platform are   

  • Interactive listening experience – With the inclusion of spatial audio, Clubhouse is harnessing the power of Head-Related Transfer Technology (HRTF). Users can hear the voices of different speakers across locations. 
  • Further, HRTF offers benefits like flexible listening with wired or wireless headphones. Each orator is given a specific position and distributed proportionately across a room. Moreover, time delays are added between each stereo channel. This ensures consistency between high and low frequencies based on the origin of the sound. 
  • Creator Program – Want to attract more content developers to the platform? Yes, it is possible now. For example, Clubhouse has a creator program. They help talented artists to showcase their skills on a global platform. The audio-based social network is also offering financial, logistics, and technical support to performers. Hence, traffic is increasing continuously on the social network as competitions, events, and talk shows are held regularly.
  • Increased brand awareness – Undoubtedly, the competition is cut-throat in the digital era. However, entrepreneurs can defeat their competitors comfortably by launching a platform identical to Clubhouse. They can entice national and international brands to promote their products and services. 

Corporate companies can target customers directly with tailormade offerings and personalized promotional campaigns. This leads to a surge in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) as users will buy preferred goods after seeing their promotional campaigns. 

Wrapping Up

Big tech companies are also launching audio-focused social networks. It is the best time for entrepreneurs to come out with a Clubhouse clone. Interestingly, the 100% audio platform has made several changes. Alpha Exploration Co, has made more changes recently. It has introduced Clips for all iOS users and allowed social network buffs to record conversations for a certain period. 

Futuristic thinkers can also disrupt the market successfully by developing a Clubhouse clone platform. They can partner with an app development company and fulfil their business objectives.


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