Is It Possible To Install a Commercial Toilet In Your House?

 Is It Possible To Install a Commercial Toilet In Your House?

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Ask any plumber and you’ll be told that the number one question they are asked is, “Can I install a commercial toilet inside my bathroom?” There are a couple of reasons why homeowners might consider commercial toilets when renovating their bathrooms.

  • Because there is no tank, commercial toilets look great.
  • Commercial toilets are more efficient and last longer because of their powerful mechanism.
  • Accessibility. Commercial buildings have ADA toilets because accessibility is so important. Many homeowners are starting to pay more attention to accessibility today.

Let’s find out why you are interested in this topic. Let’s see if we can install a commercial toilet at our home.

Commercial toilets are tankless, while residential toilets feature tanks

Commercial toilets do not store water but instead rely on the waterline. This is because they get their water directly from the waterline, which gives them the high pressure that they need to function efficiently. It’s cheaper to have your water supply near your home than for residential toilets.

Commercial toilets require more complex and robust plumbing

Commercial toilets are designed for greater use and better flushing. Their lines need to be at most one inch in diameter. Only half to three-quarters of an inch is required for residential toilets.

Commercial toilets require higher water pressure to flush

Power flush toilet are designed to require higher pressure for flushing than residential ones.

Can I have a commercial toilet in my house?

These are the main differences between residential and commercial toilets. Now we can answer the question: Can you have a commercial toilet in my home?

The simple answer is “no!”

Running a commercial toilet in residential plumbing can cause pipe ruptures and damage your home. Residential plumbing is not designed to withstand the pressure of commercial toilets.

Installing a commercial toilet is also not recommended. You will need to upgrade your plumbing in order to make it work. This is because commercial plumbing operates differently from residential plumbing.

Commercial plumbing is complex and requires you to be aware of codes. To ensure that your plumbing system is in compliance with your local guidelines, you must adhere to many other codes.

Which is the best choice? A tankless toilet might be the best option.

Benefits of a Tankless Toilet

A tankless toilet, as the name suggests, is a toilet that does not require a tank of water to function. Tankless toilets draw their water from a mainline. The pressure is high enough to allow them to transport human waste through the drain system. Also, check water damage in Fort Lauderdale.

A tankless toilet can offer many benefits.

Water Conservation

A tankless toilet also helps to conserve water. Because it flushes liquid waste less than solid waste, it is a best no clog toilet that saves water.

Maintainance is less

Tankless toilets are less complicated to maintain because there are fewer moving parts like valves, gaskets, and floating balls.

Space Saver

Tankless toilets are smaller than their tank-fed counterparts and allow you to design your bathroom in the way that you like. You can add an ADA-compliant bathroom system in a smaller space.

Commercial ADA toilets are not the only option if you want an ADA-compliant restroom. The key is careful planning and getting the right fittings. A tankless toilet or ADA-compliant shower is a good start.

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