How to Upload Composite Images on TikTok

 How to Upload Composite Images on TikTok

Hot or not is a very famous option in the world of instant messaging. The number of likes an image receives reveals how attractive a user really is! This phenomenon has been named “TikTok” (TikTok). There are millions of people who use TikTok and want to show their beloved ones how interesting they can be. Since TikTok is a mobile application, the users need to understand different features. In this article, you will get to know about How to create Composite Images on TikTok & get more likes.

Background music

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up and tap the plus icon in the top left corner to start recording your video. Make sure to turn on “background music” so that there’s music playing in your video. Once you’re satisfied with your capture, tap “Share.”

Once you select “Share,” you’ll be taken to another screen where you can choose whether you want to share it privately with friends or publicly. If you want to share it publicly, then just tap on those buttons at the top of the screen and select how many hearts (likes) and comments you want your video to have before posting it.

Decide on a Topic

The second is to use the in-app editor. Which allows you to take multiple pictures of yourself and combine them into one image. This can be useful for making yourself look thinner, taller, or just more attractive in general.

It is also possible to use an in-app editor, although this may be less effective than using an external app because of the way to mix images together – hot or not the composite images on TikTok to use a photo.

Choose your photos

It has dozens of filters that you can use to make your face look different and more interesting.

Once you have a photo editing app, follow these steps:

1. Take a selfie or find an existing photo that you want to use for your image.

2. Download the iColorama app from the App Store or Google Play and open it up on your device.

3. Select “Photo” from the bottom toolbar, then tap “Camera.” This will bring up the camera viewfinder so you can take a new photo (or choose an existing one).

4. When you’re ready, tap on the screen and snap away! You’ll see a red square appear around your face when it’s in focus, so just try to center yourself in that area as best as possible while

still keeping your eyes open (which is important because they will be covered up later!). You can also hold down on this square to lock focus if needed.

5. Once you’ve taken your photo or found one that works for you, tap “Next” at the bottom of the screen (it looks like an arrow pointing down) then select “Edit”.


If you need a little help creating the perfect hot and not composite, there are plenty of smartphone apps that can help give you the look you want. The iColorama app is a good starter option and makes it easy to edit photos in just a few taps. Read more:

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