Business Setup in Dubai – What to Consider in Choosing The Right Location

 Business Setup in Dubai – What to Consider in Choosing The Right Location

If you are about to start your own business in Dubai, the first thing that might cross your mind is where to go.

There are many different locations where you can run a business but it’s important to know what to consider in choosing the right location for your company.

That’s because each area offers diverse options and opportunities.

You must consider the type of business you intend to run and what its location requirements are, as well as whether it’s intended for commercial or residential areas.

For instance, if your business requires a lot of space such as an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) firm or wholesale company, then you will need to find a location that has more than just basic business amenities.

However, if your company is small and you need business space for an office or shop it’s possible to find rentals at budget rates in areas like Satwa, Al Quoz, Silicon Oasis and Jumeirah Emirates Towers Cluster (JET). To be sure of the best places to run a business, you can contact the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) for more information.

To find your ideal business setup in Dubai, here are some guidelines:

First, determine what kind of business or activity you’ll be running.

For instance, if it’s an FMCG company you will need a lot of space to store goods and supplies, while if it’s an IT firm your location must have the right communication infrastructure.

At the same time, consider where your customers are or pinpoint areas that are potential markets for your products.

You can search online for available commercial properties in Dubai by visiting Souq Stocks website at or by visiting the page of your favourite website.

After considering these factors, you are now ready to choose a location for your business in Dubai.

There are many sites that offer office space rental in Dubai on short term contracts while others provide accommodations on annual contracts.

But before you do anything else, contact the DCCI for valuable information about areas that are suitable for your business.

The Chamber can also provide details about rules and regulations in Dubai if you are planning to run a business.

So when it comes to where to go, make sure you select the right location for your business.

It’s the first step in setting up your own company in Dubai.   

The writer is a communications specialist at Souq Stocks website, which provides information about available businesses across the UAE.  


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