Considerations to Make while Choosing a Warehouse Location

 Considerations to Make while Choosing a Warehouse Location

Warehouse VS Fulfillment Center in Jaipur

While warehouse and fulfillment centers are often used interchangeably, they have different functions and services. Choosing one for your eCommerce business essentially depends on the specific business needs. Doodle Folks

A warehousing unit is a building where you can store your inventory for an extended period. It is equipped with high shelves to keep inventory in bulk quantity. A fulfillment center not just offers space to store inventory but serves other purposes as well. You can store inventory in a fulfillment center for a short period of time before an order is placed against it. A warehousing unit then prepares the order and ships it on your behalf. Simply put, a fulfillment center packs, ships, and fulfills the orders.

Alternatively, you can also let a third-party logistics provider handle not just the order fulfillment but also customer service, order shipping, and end-to-end logistics.

How to Choose Warehouse

  • Cost of shipping products from the warehouse to the customers. Additionally, you can also consider the warehouse infrastructure and the facilities available.
  • Accessibility to roads and other means of transport. The warehouse should be easily accessible from highways and have average traffic speed and volume. It is a plus if the warehousing unit is close to railway stations, airports, and ports.
  • Another essential factor to consider is material handling capabilities and staging facilities. Depending on your shipping model, like trucks or vans, the warehousing unit in Jaipur must have the required facilities to load and unload inventory from the vehicle.
  • The size of the warehouse is an obvious criterion. Enquire if your warehousing unit has enough storage facility available if you wish to expand later. This will help save time and money when you plan for business expansion.
  • Lastly, when you zero in on a fulfillment center or a warehouse, inquire about the rules and regulations prevalent in the warehousing unit. Some warehouses don’t store certain types of goods. If you deal in those, look for warehouses offering more specialized storing solutions.

Importance of Warehouse

For every business, a time comes when its orders increase, and it requires a larger space to store inventory. While some businesses store all their inventory in one location, some prefer to store their inventory in warehouses situated at different locations across the country for faster, cheaper, and more efficient shipping. Similarly, while some businesses look for a warehouse for rent in Jaipur, some opt for a fulfillment center.

Seasonal Production & Demand: some products, like agricultural commodities, are produced during specific seasons. But they are consumed throughout the year. Similarly, some products are produced throughout the year but are in demand only during a specific season, like air conditioners. Therefore, there is a need for warehouse service providers in Jaipur and other locations to store different types of products.

Large Scale Production: nowadays, most businesses produce products in huge quantities as large-scale production is economical. So, ecommerce fulfillment is required to store the products until they are shipped to customers when orders are placed.

Quick & Cheaper Shipping: eCommerce businesses can store their products in different fulfillment centers at multiple locations. This helps in quick and cheaper shipping.

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