How Can We Consult A Pediatrician Doctor Online For Your Child

 How Can We Consult A Pediatrician Doctor Online For Your Child

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Are you considering consulting an online doctor for your child or family’s well being during the COVID pandemic? But, are you worried about compromising their health due to the lack of physical interaction? Well, it is completely natural to be worried. However, the global COVID pandemic has forced the world to change causing a major revolution in the medical industry. You can seek immediate care from industry experts in real-time in the comfort of your home.

Technology and innovation have helped medicine reach a stage where people can contact healthcare professionals at the touch of their fingertips. Gone are the days of scheduling appointments, waiting in long queues, and exposing your child’s weakened immunity to contagious diseases. It is as easy as registering on the Bajaj Finserv Health App and booking a consultation with an online doctor. Let us see a few steps that we can follow to book some of the top pediatricians in Delhi or other cities for your child’s online consultation.

The steps to Book a Consultation with an Online Doctor are as follows:-

  • Download the Bajaj Finserv Health App from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Fill in your details like name and phone number to register on the app
  • Select the type of specialist you want to consult to receive better recommendations for an online doctor
  • You can customize other search inputs for further personalization
  • The app displays a list of the best online doctors that meet your criteria
  • Choose a slot and book a virtual consultation with an online doctor
  • Select your payment method, make an online payment, and complete booking the consultation

That’s it! Now, you have successfully booked an online doctor for your child. As soon as your booking is successful, you will receive a confirmation and your doctor will be intimated. After every consultation, you will receive your digital prescription (if needed) via the app itself. Did you notice how easy it is to consult an online doctor for the well-being of your family and you? That’s how technology has changed the industry for good! Let us look at some common reasons why people are looking for online consultations with pediatricians in Delhi or other cities:-

  • You might live far away from your preferred doctor’s visiting clinic/hospital
  • Regular physical appointments in case of chronic conditions are difficult to manage
  • Your child might be experiencing minor ailments like cold and flu
  • You do not want to expose your child to the germs prevailing in a medical practitioner’s office
  • Your child might require the consultation of specialist pediatricians like a pediatric gastroenterologist or pediatric neurologist

Whatever the reason, your child’s health is your priority and technology helps you fulfill that. If you’re still worried about whether booking an online doctor will be the right move or not, let us look at some other benefits a virtual consultation entails.

The benefits of booking an online doctor for your child include:-

  • Access to Healthcare Professionals Nationwide – Your primary doctor might have asked you to seek consultation from a specialist. However, you cannot find an experienced doctor for the same in your city. Should you book tickets and travel for a simple consultation before diagnosis? Wouldn’t it be too hectic for you and your child? Well, using health apps offer the ability to access pediatricians in Delhi or from all over the country. You can easily check their available slots and book a virtual consultation immediately.
  • Risk-Free Consultations – Visiting a doctor’s chamber or the hospital might increase the chances of contracting diseases. Hence, consulting an online doctor allows you to avoid contagious diseases like COVID.
  • Digital Storage of Prescriptions – When you consult an online doctor, you receive a digital prescription and report of your diagnosis. Thus, you have a digital record of important documents and do not need to worry about misplacing them.
  • Available At Your Convenience – You or your child might be very busy and free for consultations late at night. Getting a physical appointment at these hours might be very difficult. However, you can consult an online doctor at your convenience. The app displays the doctor’s available timings and allows you to choose the slot that works best for you.

Consulting an online doctor is simple, easy, and user-friendly. Not only does it reduce the pain of a physical visit, but it also allows you to seek immediate care and eliminate your worries. Health apps have truly transformed the medical industry and have the power to further revolutionize the field. Book a virtual consultation with pediatricians or other specialists on the Bajaj Finserv Health App and witness the change.

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