Costly Laundry Mistakes That Hoteliers Should Avoid

 Costly Laundry Mistakes That Hoteliers Should Avoid

For a hotel, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. And customer satisfaction can only be attained when your customer finds the room comfortable. You can make the rooms comfortable for the people who stay in them by providing them with the best sheets and terry. Anything unclean, unsanitary, or uncomfortable will annoy the people who decide to visit your hotel during vacation. Now you don’t want people to be leaving bad reviews about towels and bedsheets, right? So we’ve gathered all the information you need to prevent hotel laundry from being damaged as these damages may lead to costly customer dissatisfaction. We’ve also provided insight into industrial laundry and how the right industrial laundry equipment will prevent the stretching of your hotel laundry budget.

 Tips on Saving Money on Hotel Laundry

  • Do not mix all the laundry while washing! It is imperative to separate the towels from the sheets. Washing different clothes together will damage clothes since the different types of fabrics require different methods of washing. The towels may need more wash cycles than the bedsheets, and the curtains would need more detergent. It all depends on the fabric, so it is essential to be careful with that!
  • Avoid vigorous wash cycles. Vigorous cycles may reduce the time taken to do the job, but that would also mean severe damage to the clothes. The aggressive cycles may tear the fabric or cause them to become rough or uncomfortable. This would also reduce the lifespan of the towels and sheets, and even worse, would cause a customer to be agitated. So to reduce the need to replace your towels and sheets, make sure that the wash cycles are appropriate to the fabric being washed.
  • Remember not to overload the washer. Yes, we know that industrial laundry equipment is built to handle a huge capacity, but it also has its limits. If the washer is overloaded, the fabric will not be washed thoroughly.

The Right Equipment

To err is human. But these mistakes can be less damaging and costly if you are using the right equipment. With the right industrial washing machines, your hotel laundry would be safe, even if you make a mistake in haste!

The things you need to look for:

  • Make sure the machine has the right technology for the laundry. The settings should provide the right wash cycles for the different types of fabrics used in the hotel.
  • Find the appropriate capacity. If you have estimated how much laundry the hotel produces every day, make sure you choose equipment that would suit your needs.
  • Choose the best laundry equipment manufacturers out there. Research thoroughly before deciding on what to buy and where to buy it from.

If you are planning to change your industrial laundry equipment and are not sure where to look for the right one, contact our team of experts today.

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