Easy Ways To Create Your Own Non-Fungible Tokens

 Easy Ways To Create Your Own Non-Fungible Tokens

The crypto wind has been blowing towards the section of non-fungible tokens for quite some time. Every major business model has adopted the concept of  NFT and has decided to yield great profit by trading them. The business entities did not stop only on trading but have also taken up the mantle to create their own NFTs. There are many ways to create a non-fungible token. Before we could dive into the NFT development process, we shall have a quick insight into the concept of NFT.

The Notion Of Non-Fungible Tokens

The concept of NFTs is very similar to a regular cryptocurrency but with the only exception that these tokens are non-fungible, unlike, cryptocurrencies, where they are completely fungible. NFTs represent digital assets that cannot be replicated or destroyed since they are non-fungible. The most interesting part of NFT is that it can provide the complete ownership authentication of the digital assets to the user due to its immense integration of the blockchain software. These digital assets can be anything that has the potential to be digitized, that includes both tangible and intangible assets. The most common NFT types are pictures, trading cards, GIFs, sports memorabilia, digital art, etc.

These digital assets are bought, sold, and traded on an NFT marketplace platform. There are primarily two marketplace variants, which include open and exclusive marketplaces. The open-type marketplace trades all kinds of non-fungible tokens, and the exclusive-type marketplace trades only a specified kind of NFT. 

Benefits Of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Trustless

Non-fungible tokens are built on blockchain technology. The blockchain allows the platform to be decentralized, thus, it eliminates the involvement of central authorities.

  • Secure

NFTs are non-fungible and are built on a blockchain network. Thus, they cannot be replicated, deleted, or manipulated.

  • Tradability

Non-fungible tokens are highly tradeable over multiple NFT marketplace platforms due to their uniqueness, which connects with the required marketplace at ease. 

Why Create Your Own Non-Fungible Tokens?

The buying, selling and trading of non-fungible tokens is a smart idea at the present time. But, creating your own NFTs is an even better idea. It operates as a great opportunity for individuals to start their own business and enjoy its profitable outcomes. Even at the present, NFTs are impacting digital businesses in a positive way, and in the near future, the investment done for NFTs would reflect in a major profitable way for individuals and businesses.

How To Create Your NFT?

  • The first step to create the NFT is to choose the desired NFT marketplace platform. OpenSea is the most commonly used marketplace platform because of its open-type nature.
  • OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, an ETH wallet is connected to the marketplace platform.
  • The digital asset is uploaded to the marketplace. The user should select create from the top menu, select create a collection, and in the end, select save.
  • The necessary information is provided to the saved digital asset, and the actual minting process of the new NFT takes place.
  • The freshly created NFT is executed on the OpenSea’s listing sector to initiate selling, buying, and trading activities.
  • After the NFT is listed, it depends on the user to select the type of buying, which includes fixed-rate sale and auction-rate sale.

Selection Of Blockchain Networks

Blockchain technology is the core foundation of any crypto-based platform. Similarly, the NFT marketplace platform is also connected with a blockchain network. To create a non-fungible token, the selection of blockchain is very important. Depending on the blockchain, the marketplace platform is selected. The most common blockchain technologies are Ethereum, Flow, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, EoS, etc.

  • Ethereum 

Ethereum is the most commonly used blockchain technology all over the crypto world. It is primarily used in almost all popular NFT marketplace platforms. Thus, wanting to develop NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain is an easy and quick way to develop non-fungible tokens.

  • Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is the latest type of blockchain that is built with the operational factors of the binance chain. To be precise, it is the advanced version of its predecessor.

  • Flow

This blockchain platform is the perfect fit for users that want to mint their sports-type NFTs. This provides complete elimination of the sharding mechanism. Thus, it is a very seamless blockchain for NFTs that focuses on unique digital assets.

  • EoS

EoS is an open-type blockchain network that focuses on security and predictable digital infrastructure. It is a new type of blockchain that has been initiated in the development of NFTs for the past couple of months.

  • Matic

This is a new entrant to the blockchain world. Matic focuses on creating NFTs with less block time and reduction of high transaction costs for the marketplace it is being initiated.

Influence Of Non-Fungible Tokens In Business Industries

The entire world is marching vigorously towards the domain of digitization. Every business industry, ranging from small-scale to large-scale, is striving towards adopting the concept of NFTs to their advantage and experience great revenue. The eruption of the covid19 pandemic has also played a major role in pushing business industries towards the mode of digitization rapidly. This has forced business models to adopt this methodology in very little time. Every product type, ranging from minor to major, has been initiated to the conversion of the non-fungible token since the crypto audience and regular audience are fascinated by the concept of NFTs. To stay on the profitable outcome track, businesses have decided to step into the domain of blockchain and NFTs.


At the present time, the non-fungible tokens are partially in control of the crypto domain. It is expected to have complete control over the crypto market in the forthcoming years. Their growth has been astonishing. The flexibility to integrate with any type of blockchain, the digitized form of physical assets and their extensive influence over major multinational companies all over the world have submitted themselves as great revenue generators. This is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to create a fortune off this system. These exceptional properties have made NFTs a favorable digital protocol among the crypto community. These external and internal factors have led businesses and individuals to create their own NFT and create a profitable business for themselves.


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