Top 4 Ways to Check English Willow Cricket Bats

 Top 4 Ways to Check English Willow Cricket Bats

MRF Cricket Bat

Before you buy an English Willow Cricket Bat, you need to know a few things about it. First of all, it must be of a proper size. Getting a bat that is too big can lead to a lot of frustration and may even result in a broken or damaged cricket bat. Instead, opt for a medium-sized cricket bat. It’s also much easier to control than a large-sized cricket ball.

Secondly, you need to check its grain. If the grain is straight, it means that the bat is made from the highest quality English willow. A cricket bat with more grains is more likely to perform well in the early stages, but an older one will take longer to reach its peak performance. Another misconception is that a cricket bat with more grains is better. This is not always true. A bat’s grain number has very little effect on its overall performance.

Consider the Thickness

Lastly, you need to consider the thickness of the bat. A cricket bat that is too thick will result in uneven performance. This is a common problem, so it’s best to use a smaller cricket bat. A large-sized bat will make you more vulnerable to the ball. However, if you’re not sure of what you’re looking for, check for imperfections. This way, you can determine if the cricket-bat you’re buying is made from high-quality English willow.

Grade: The grade of an English Willow MRF Cricket Bat should be based on the grain pattern. The grain pattern on the English willow will determine the weight and durability. A bat with more red wood will increase playability, and a bat that has more red wood is better for advanced players. This isn’t an easy task, but it is a crucial step towards purchasing an English Willow Cricket Bat. There are several ways to do this.

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Large Sweet Spot

A good cricket bat will have a large sweet spot and a high edge thickness of between 38 and 40 mm. The face of an English willow Cricket Bat should be at least 5 grains thick. It will have a thin face and a medium-sized sweet spot. In addition to the thickness of the English willow, a cricket bat with a grade three blade will have a higher power pick-up ratio.

Grade: Grade of the English willow Cricket Bat is important to your game. A bat with a higher grade will be more durable. A lower grade will be more expensive. A good quality bat should be lightweight, and should be made of high quality English willow. The edges should also be thin enough to allow for quick rebound and smooth grip. A quality cricket bat should be lightweight and comfortable to hold. This will help you play better.

Best Willow Available

Grade: The best English willow is Grade 1+. It is considered the best willow available. This grade is unbleached and has seven to ten straight grains. It is rare to find a junior English willow cricket bat that is below this grade. If you can’t find a bat with a grade one, check for a grade two and a grade three. This is the highest level of willow you should be looking for.

Ping: The ping is the bounce of the cricket bat after impact. A bat with a higher ping will be more responsive to the ball. A lower ping will be easier to hit with power. A low ping is not the best for beginners, but it does improve your game. A good ping is the key to success. For example, a higher ping bat will be more durable and have a larger sweet spot.

Grade 5: The best cricket bats are made from English willow. Unlike grade 1, grade 5 bats are non-oil and cover a protective facing to prevent rust. They range in price from PS50 to PS150, depending on the size of the blade. If you have a budget, choose a cricket bat with more grains. A cricket bat with more grains is softer than a bat with more. A lower number will be more expensive.

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