CSGO Broke its Own Record

 CSGO Broke its Own Record

Last year csgo has seen a remarkable spike in the size of their user count. Their average monthly size of user count was 750,000 players; after Valve released Counter Strike Global Offensive they scored their first record in 2016 with 850,000 active users. However, in 2020 they broke their own record by attaining the maximum number of 1,300,000 active users.

Even though it was released several years ago, this didn’t stop them from gaining fans from across the globe. It has continued being the most prevalent, and most played games, mainly in the shooting-based genre. It is still on the top of the list on Steam.

The game bagged quite a few achievements in the past 8 years. On its initial release on 2012, August, it quickly gained a significant, and  

Commercial success! In 2015, at the Game of the Year award, it won Esport’s game of the year by the fans choice. Soon after, it grew exponentially and reached its first largest player count in 2016; after 2 years, in 2018 CSGO became 414 US Million dollars’ worth, worldwide! And, in 2020, it broke its own record and reached yet another highest number of player count. So, you can assume how far CSGO has come in the span of 8 years.

Did the pandemic really help CSGO increase its number?

It is true that the pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since it turned around the revenues for gaming companies’ whole 360 degrees. And, the pandemic helped CSGO in growing the number of active users in their servers. Last year they gained a whopping million users on its server. It was likely to happen because the whole world needed to stay at home (not that anyone’s complaining) – it was obvious for this gaming giant to attain a significant number of users, and break its own record. you can order CSGO accounts from CSGO shop to get more better experience of this game.

Due to the pandemic the gaming industry is flourishing! The coronavirus had a very negative impact on everyone’s mind; everyone went through something, and having several issues on their plate, gaming offered them a chance to escape reality. It showed a way to an engrossing distraction for those who were craving for some human interaction. And, soon after the commencement of lockdown, it resulted in a huge spike in playing time, and growth in sales.

So, it is safe to say that- Yes, the Pandemic has been of great help!

Is CSGO really dying?

During its initial days, CSGO didn’t have any problem in succeeding till 2016. After Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends came into existence, CSGO started losing its charm. Valve was aware of this, and the software giant- shortly after- made CSGO free to play in Steam. Prior to it going free on Steam Platform, players needed to pay $15; as a result, it started losing few of its followers.

This was the best decision Valve has made, because this led them to gain double the followers they had before this idea. The free-to-play feature such as what Fortnite offers, concocted a surge in their financial movements, especially during the pandemic, maxing the 2016’s number.

So, the answer to your question- is CSGO really dying? NO! Everything is in an excellent state: queue timings, community activity, and streaming range, they all are doing great.

You may be wondering as to how the game has managed to stay relevant this long? I mean, we agree with your perception as well, it is an old game. Though, the thing is, CSGO never diverted from its root; sticking with the same concept, it never went after adding new features such as spells, items, special features like building what you see in Fortnite. Yes, CSGO included Battle Royale feature as a new mode named Danger Zone; however, it hasn’t been played much. CSGO is all about focusing on aiming proficiency. Recently they have come up with a new update on service medals, and added a new ‘drop request’ feature, inspired by Valorant. You can purchase new csgo medal prime accounts with this new update, and enjoy boasting your newly medals in front of your teammates.

Are there still people playing CSGO?

CSGO had a rough beginning. After the dynamic success of the original Counter-Strike and the reasonable success of Counter-Strike: Source, many players found

Of course, they are! It is a masterpiece that has a vivacious Esports around it. After the huge success of the original Counter Strike, and CS: Source, CSGO has to undergo some challenges during its release- numerous players reacted unexpectedly; for them, it was awkward, and lacked fun. Fortunately, Valve realised what to do, and quickly made some significant changes. Soon, CSGO witnessed full service on its mechanics and programme, after which the game started to gain a huge number of fans. there are many types of CSGO accounts available in market, Prime accounts, non prime accounts & CSGO accounts with medals you can easily get these accounts from buy csgo rank website.

For several years, Valve was releasing in-game campaigns for CSGO known as Operations. They had special aesthetic, missions, and rewards, however, it needed a huge asset of time from players. After releasing Operation Shattered Web by Valve, in November, 2019, this all changed! Players no longer needed to spend hours and hours on the game. Unlike other Operations CSGO players endured, Operation shattered Web was nothing like its predecessor; it employed conventional battle pass, similar to Fortnite or Call of Duty. In this operation, players only had to play in order to obtain an aesthetic award. This was nothing like its former version operation wherein players required to fulfil difficult challenges. Buy CSGO Prime accounts to get the higer rank account.


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