6 new year cakes to make your new celebration LIT

Planning to excite your loved ones with exciting new year cakes? As it’s almost the year, people are looking forward to how to celebrate new year’s eve. We all know New year celebration is something which surely holds a special place in people’s heart. It’s all about the celebration time and to welcome the new year with lots of new hopes, new dreams, new goals, new learning’s and much more.

So if you are planning to surprise your loved ones with unique ideas of cakes so do not wait order cake online birmingham.We have whole varieties of cakes  order cupcake delivery Birmingham and brownies cake delivery and afternoon tea cake delivery and surprise your loved ones today because we bitesmecakes1 which is the best and reputed online cake delivery in Birmingham to satisfy all your needs under a one roof. So here 6 very unique and delicious new year cakes including cupcakes delivery Birmingham, brownies cake delivery, and afternoon tea cake delivery  that are not tasty but they are a treat to the eyes too;

  1. Chocolate cupcake swirl frosting

There’s nothing that an appealing yet appetizing chocolate  cupcake, as this one can solve in this world. So, this set of chocolate cupcakes, which has been topped up with a rich luscious chocolate swirl and milk chocolate curl is sure to brighten up anyone’s new year night with its look and taste. Don’t trust us? Try it on your own folks order cake online Birmingham and try cupcake delivery Birmingham today you quill going to love it!

2. Classic chocolate brownies bite cake

The perfect consistency of our brownies cake delivery Birmingham maintains a slightly crunchy outer layer with a soft gooey burst in your mouth flavor in the middle. That exactly what ‘ll be waiting on your doorstep. Don’t mess with a classic. Fudgy, rich and indulgent this classic brownies cake has luxurious chocolate fudge ganache topping and crispy milk chocolate pearls to finish divine!

This makes it ideal to deliver cake online in Birmingham with our chocolate bowines cake by post directly to your door, to make an indulgent treat for the new year.

3.Belgian dark chocolate cake

Take your celebration to another level with this yummilicious chocolate truffle. It is adorned with a smooth texture of rich dark chocolate and is crowned on top for a perfect look. So rich in flavor and taste this treat shall undoubtedly make your party a success. So order cake online in Birmingham for your loved ones now and make an indulgent treat for the new year.

4. Cake for new years eve

The cake for new years eve contains. Half kg chocolate cake  chocolate flex and topped with cherry round shaped whipped cream., which is suitable for new year Birthday Anniversary note. So do not wait and order cake online birmingham and buy best happy new year cake and melt their heart with delectable cakes and fondants.

5. Afternoon 4 tier tea caddy cake

Get your cream tea caddy cake fix delivered to your doorstep with our expert ated afternoon tea cake delivery service-just in time for new year!

Get ready to surprise your loved ones with the after noon 4 tier tea caddy cake delivery

Which includes the layers of sandwich,sweets,savoury and scones includes the sweetness of ferrero rocher chocolate cheesecake and chocolate e clair

Presented in its own tea caddy sleeves Because we can’t think of a better edible gift to give or receive this festive season and get ready to surprise your loved ones order afternoon tea cake delivery now.!

6. New year clock fondant cake

Every single bite of the cake can make you feel like diving into the world of ecstasy. The beautifully curate Belgian chocolate cake is  a bundle of joy wrapped for a beautiful evening. Top of cake is adorned with a wall clock like structure and the five minutes to twelve shall build the pent up excitement even more for. This cake can be customized as per your accordance so hurry now and order cake online  delivery Birmingham to make celebration more exciting. 


Nothing can be more luscious way than cakes to celebrate the occasion like new year.Bitesmecake1 brings you an enormous range of scrumptious and awe-inspiring new year’s cakes online. Order cake online Birmingham with a variety of cupcakes delivery Birmingham, brownies cake delivery Birmingham and afternoon tea cake delivery Birmingham because new year is the perfect time to welcome with finger licking cakes. The new year is approaching another opportunities are coming to the way, new resolutions, new friends ,new life and new reason for celebration is on the way. Buy best happy new year cakes online from bitesmecakes1 for your loved ones and melt their heart with delectable cakes and fondants. 

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