Curtains usually serve as a highlight for your home. Though their primary purpose is blocking light, curtains are a significant component of interior design. Carafina lists different types of curtains for interior design in Bangalore and how they add a spark to your home. 

Curtains can be truly decorative and add to the room’s aesthetic in the most promising way. Listed below are the top curtains trends for meeting your interior design need. 

  • Panel Pair Curtain

Two independent curtain panels make up panel pair curtains. This kind of curtain is attractive in both traditional and modern settings. A panel pair consists of two curtains, one on each side of the window. Each curtain panel would be pulled together to shut the curtains. Panel pair curtains may be tied back to give your window decoration an asymmetrical aspect. A Panel pair of curtains may be utilized almost anyplace there is enough space on both sides of a window to hang draperies.

  • Window Scarf

A window scarf is a long, thin strip of curtain fabric that hangs from the window’s top. Window scarves are a terrific way to make your window decoration more dramatic. Scarves are the unique decorative items utilised to create a place that seems elegant and stylish. There are several advantages from which you can gain.

  • Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made of thin, semi-transparent cloth material. They let the most incredible light into the space when these curtains are closed. The most common uses for this type of curtain are living rooms and dining rooms. Sheer curtains, also known as sheers, are lightweight textiles that cover your windows, soften the lighting in your house, and instantly add beauty to your interior décor.

  • Pencil Pleat curtains

Pencil pleat curtains have narrower, single pleats that are easier to work with when using different curtain hooks or rods. Curtains with pencil pleats are a classic, and fabric folds are gathered firmly to form a semi-cylindrical heading that looks like a line of pencils. They go well with more traditional interior styles and cottages, and older homes. Pencil pleat curtains are trendy in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Apron curtain

Apron curtains are also known as half-length curtains. Apron-length curtains are a terrific technique to make your windows appear longer. They are ideal for living areas, bedrooms, and living rooms that require shorter curtains and people who prefer a contemporary look. The curtain is usually hung a few inches below the window sill, and the rod is positioned a little higher than the actual window. Apron-length curtains, when closed, may make your window space look larger than it is. They might also be a better fit for pastel theme interior décor. Apron curtains work well in kitchens and bedrooms and give a pretty decent look to your home. 

  • Puddle Curtain

Extra-long floor-length curtains are known as puddle-length curtains. They’re several inches longer than the window, and, like the train of a bridal gown, they break dramatically on the floor. This design is trendy if you want to create a dramatic or romantic window treatment. They deliver a completely customized and luxurious experience.

The materials used in curtains, exposure to sunlight, and many factors play a prominent role in choosing the best curtain suiting your interior décor. Carafina helps you select the best curtain style for interior design in Bangalore.

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