Variety of designs for your custom hair extension box packaging

 Variety of designs for your custom hair extension box packaging

Hair extension boxes are made of high-quality materials. Different printing methods help increase the appearance. Digital, offset, and screen printing methods are the perfect way to enhance the visibility of these packages. There are multiple finishing methods available for these packages. These finishing methods help in improving the overall appearance of the packaging. Spot UV, gloss, and matte increase the shelf impact of the packaging. Unique sizes and designs of the packaging increase the value. Striking graphics and images can be added to improve brand recognition. 

Hair extension boxes are available in many sizes. It depends upon the size of the products as well. These boxes are available at affordable prices. The beauty community is dependent on these boxes. These boxes also enhance the protection of the products. There are numerous ways to customize them according to your choice. If you are selling hair extensions, you need to use these packages. The integrity and style of your products will remain safe. These packages can also be personalized easily to create a unique identity for your brand. Following article will explain the variety of designs for these packages.  

Gable boxes: 

Custom hair extension boxes are important for increasing the protection of the products. If you want your products to be in protected form, you can use the gable design. This design is the best when it comes to keeping hair extension products. When wigs are present in these packages, they are safe from the harm of the external environment. The best thing about using gable packaging is that there are two handles in the packaging. These handles will facilitate the customers in handling these products. This design also helps in keeping these products organized.  

Die-cut window designs: 

Cardboard boxes with a die-cut window design will help in making your products distinctive from the rest. The presence of a die-cut window will help in making the products visible to your customers. When customers enter the shop, they like to take a look at the products they are about to get their hands on. A die-cut window design will help in telling the customers about the color and length of the hair extensions. You can also use this design to be transparent and honest with your customers. They will prefer to buy your products.  

Slots and compartments: 

Hair extension boxes wholesale with slots and compartments are available at reasonable prices. The best trendy design in the market these days is the use of slots and compartments. This design will help in keeping the accessories of the hair extensions safe within the packaging. You will not need to send the extra products separately. These slots are getting the attention of the customers. The extra compartments will also help in absorbing the shocks and bumps of the roads.  

Use of packaging insets: 

Custom packaging for hair extensions, along with the packaging inserts, are famous in the market. There are various designs to increase the protection of the products. Packaging inserts stay on the top for protection. We all are familiar with the delicacy of hair extensions. These products need to be kept separate. They can easily lose their effectiveness if they are not present in the place. These inserts will help in keeping the products at their place.  

Foldable packaging 

Custom printed boxes with foldable packaging will win the hearts of the customers. These designs help increase the ease of use. You can take these packages with you as well. The foldable design makes it easy for the customers to access the products. You can easily keep these packages during travel as well. The design of the packaging is flexible. It will not allow any foreign substance to enter the packaging. Dust particles and heat can destroy the quality of the extensions. When using these packages, you will be free from the stress of your products getting damaged.  

Hair extension boxes help create a great impression. There are exquisite designs available for these packages. If you are using them for your products, customers will appreciate your creativity. A die-cut design in the packaging will increase the interest of the customers in your products. You can also use gable packaging and slots in the compartments. These designs will leave a wow impression on the customers. Handles on the packaging will enhance the functionality of the packaging.  


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