Custom Tuck Boxes Vs Stock Packaging

 Custom Tuck Boxes Vs Stock Packaging

For some reason when I say “custom tuck boxes” the first thought in my mind is related to medical products. But even though my mind is often on medical products, it doesn’t mean that is the only market for customized boxes. While you might spend a fortune on developing an innovative product, when its little or big tuck boxes either fail to capture your target market’s attention it’s going to be a huge failure. Customized tuck boxes are just one of those appealing and convenient forms of packaging that are capable of being used for a wide range of goods. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the many different applications of customized packaging that you can use in your own business. After reading this article you’ll have a better idea about where to begin marketing your custom boxes and how to use them to the maximum advantage.

Printing Materials

One of the more obvious applications of these boxes is the type of goods that you can print on them. They’re available in a wide range of materials and printing options, from standard sheet size to vinyl material with or without a UV coating. Because of this wide range of material options, they can also be printed in a wide variety of bold colors and unusual textures. If you think about it every time you open one of those customized tins, it’s likely that you’ll see a familiar “T” logo, or maybe a “M” or “Z”. The point is you can be as creative as you like with these boxes and it will make your packaging attractive to your customers.

Commercial Packaging

Another obvious application of these boxes is to commercial packaging. Just think about the logistics behind food service providers. When you open a custom tuck box it’s just as easy to open a large crate of fresh meat as it is to open a cardboard carton of hot dog. All of these things are done with ease when you’re using durable cardboard boxes.

Many organizations are finding tuck boxes as a great way to keep their logo or other information out of sight but still in a prominent position. You can purchase standard box stock in bulk, which is much cheaper than having to buy individual boxes. By purchasing in bulk, you can cut down on the cost of production as well. Many companies who specialize in customized packaging offer tuck end boxes as well as regular box stock. You’ll find a huge selection of interesting graphic styles and colors to choose from.


Companies who are launching a new product can benefit greatly from using custom printed tuck boxes to display promotional information. You can even get these boxes embossed with your brand. Think about the possibilities: if someone at your business is selling an over-the-top promotion for your company, this would be an easy way to let everyone know about it. Every time they open a package, they will see your logo or the name of your special promotion.

Type of Product

Tuck boxes are used for just about every type of product that goes into a package. Your standard box is good for paper and packaging, but it is not ideal for putting a bottle of wine or any other liquid product in. You can easily add foam padding to help the card stock or bubble wrap stay in place, but the idea is still the same: how is it going to be seen? By using custom tuck boxes instead of regular cardboard, you can display your product exactly how you want it. You can have different number of boxes for different products or different numbers for different products per batch.

You can buy different amount of custom printed tuck boxes based on the number of products to be packaged. You can choose different color schemes as well, so your packaging is a reflection of your brand as opposed to your brand being your own unique brand. It doesn’t matter what you’re shipping, because your customers are going to know the difference. For example, if you are shipping chocolate bars, then your packaging should look more festive than if you’re shipping jelly beans. Everyone has their own standards when it comes to what they want their packaging to look like.

Ordering Customized

The benefit to ordering customized tuck tops or tuck end boxes instead of stock packaging is that you will save money. Your overhead is going to be minimized since you won’t have to pay the same markup that you would if you ordered stock packaging. When you factor in all of these little things, the cost of packaging really adds up. But by choosing a custom tuck box instead of standard cardboard, you will drastically reduce the cost of your packaging. You will also be helping your business out by making it possible for your customers to reuse or recycle the cardboard after the product is sold, which could save you even more money.


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