Cybershinu is a New NFT Community on the Rise

 Cybershinu is a New NFT Community on the Rise

When it comes to dog meme NFT collectibles, Cybershinu is considered one of the greatest up-and-coming options for retail investors.

NFT Community Cybershinu aims to become the most popular dog-themed token in the world by uniting its members. This effort is concerned with both people and animals. Cybershinu is an ERC-20 token based on the well-known notion of a dog that aspires to unify its users in society. Token pre-sale for the project runs from February 21 to March 7th.

How does Cybershinu benefit the investor?

The community of Cybershinu has access to a slew of useful tools.

  • For the fixed-price presale, $CYSHI members will be able to buy one $CYSHI for every $0.005 throughout the presale period. Whitelisting and seed/early round sales are also outlawed. Because the fee is only 0.005, everyone is treated equally. Holders will be able to enter the corporate website once the presale time has ended to collect their $CYSHI. According the founders of Cybershinu, “we will establish a more vibrant and engaging community site than the great majority of present community sites if we use this distribution strategy.”
  • Cybershinu believes that coin holders should have total sovereignty over their NFT collections, which is why they are tax-free. In addition, the designers of Cybershinu decided not to tax tokens. It is common for other meme currencies to charge anything from 5 percent to 15 percent in fees, which mainly enriches the whales while hurting everyone else.
  • Cybershinu Pad – Members get access to the upcoming simple contract wizard to design their tokens. Similar to CYSHI, the Cybershi community will be able to organize their presales with no issues.
  • It is completely decentralized, and because of its strong partnerships with other companies, Cybershinu is a truly decentralized platform. The firm aims to utilize $CYSHI as collateral on a few different websites. As part of a planned DAO, its long-term ambitions include providing people with new methods to make additional money.
  • Cybershinu NFTS – Cybershinu is the first game in the series to include a magnificent pixel art style. They may be used for staking, passive income, and in CyberShinu’s planned GameFi initiatives, among other things.

How does Cybershinu benefit needy animals?

Pet foster homes and no-kill humane groups will benefit from Cybershinu’s philanthropic fund. A successful crowdfunding campaign for Cybershinu would not be possible without the kind support of its users. Cybershi’s intends to develop a non-profit humanitarian organization that will help individuals in need financially after sufficient monies are obtained via financing.

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