Debunking The Misconceptions About Botox.

 Debunking The Misconceptions About Botox.

Botox is the most common type of cosmetic surgery in the present day. It is the most common demand, say the dermatologists. As more high-profile influencers adopt this anti-ageing and very effective treatment, it has become more normalised than ever before. I mean, if there is a guaranteed way of losing the dark circles and wrinkles, would you not go for it?

However, as the practice of botox becomes more common, so do the misconceptions about it. I mean, when you think about getting a botox procedure done, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? “But what if it goes wrong?” is the most common fear people have that has been fuelled by misconceptions in the media.

In this post, we tell you what to need to know about botox, its risk and its safety precautions. 

What Is A Botox Treatment?

In very easy words, botox treatment is the injection of a very popular toxin called botulinum that is injected surgically. It usually is used to treat wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, fine lines, etc, that are formed when muscles contract from laughing, smiling and frowning. Fine lines and wrinkles are very natural and are a sign of ageing, which is why botox is called an anti-an ageing miracle.  Some other reasons why people get botox is to treat neck spasms, lazy eyes, muscle problems, and/or an overactive bladder. 

In a botox treatment, thin needles are injected into targeted areas to inject botulinum to reduce wrinkles. This is a very quick treatment and can be done in under fifteen minutes, hence the nickname “lunchtime procedure.” If you are looking for highly professional and experienced surgeons who perform botox surgery perfectly, go to InjxuClinic known as the best botox clinic in Sydney.

However, if you are going to opt for botox, you need to know the risks involved in it.

What Are The Risks Involved?

This is where the misconceptions take part in the conversation. People will avoid botox surgeries out of fear of the side effects or the risks involved. Most of the times, a patient usually does not even face any side effects. However, some of the risks involved are;

·         Headache, pain, redness or slight bruising at the injection site.

·         Migraines and runny nose.

·         Lowered eyebrow and/or a droopy eyelid.

·         Tearing, watery eyes, or eye dryness. 

These are common side effects of botox surgery. However, there are many misconceptions regarding botox surgery post-operation effects. The following are some very rare side effects or post-op side effects you might see in patients after a botox.

·         Muscle weakness.

·         Loss of control of the muscle.

·         Blurry vision.

·         Breathing difficulty. 

·         Troubled speech after the surgery.

·         Trouble swallowing food.

·         Loss of bladder control.

How Can I Avoid The Risks?

Botox side effect risks are much lower than all the other cosmetic surgeries. This is one reason why it is so popular. Nevertheless, if you still want to avoid all risks, make sure that you choose the right surgeon. Only trust a professional and experienced surgeon with this procedure.  


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