Decoding the Secrets in HME Billing with a Reliable Partner

 Decoding the Secrets in HME Billing with a Reliable Partner


A major chunk of HME providers will tell you that heavy lifting work at the front end is one of the major challenges for a lot of them. Finding a consistent answer to your eligibility checks, prior authorization, order entry, doctor’s office follow ups and submission can be a tricky challenge for many.

It all comes down to finding a partner that can streamline all your HME billing activities once and for all. At the end, all you want is to have a surer focus on your patient care. To ensure that, outsourcing of HME billing appears to be a pertinent answer for many.

It eliminates a lot of process gaps and will reduce your costs in operations with a consistent partner working for you on a dedicated basis. However, the challenge remains how you will arrive at a conclusion that the partner can offer you a timely solution than many.

The Sunknowledge assurance

Sunknowledge has the ideal answer to counter such challenges and lowering  your patient wait times. We work on your billing and collections while you focus on your patients! We work with DME companies of all sizes! Spend more time on your patients; worry less on your practice management efforts. A lot of HME providers are still relying on outdated sales processes in a new environment. Present selling scene requires changing sales behaviors to gain an edge on the competition and grab valuable share.

That’s why we come to the picture; Sunknowledge gives the perfect platform to focus on your sales, look after your patients than worry about collections! Speak to our experts and make sure that all your pre and post HME billing demands are managed by a professional healthcare services company. Our team will cut down your costs, offer dedicated resources and can provide you excellent references from the leading clients across the HME space.

Looking for more information! Hire us now and ensure a hassle free RCM experience like never before. Capitalize on your revenue returns with us extending surefire support like no other HME billing Services Company.

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