Eco-friendly products for home decor

 Eco-friendly products for home decor

Now, with the boom in the home decorative sheet metal pop displays industry, the benefits of promotions are no longer attractive to customers. New decorative accessories are gaining in popularity. Reducing indoor pollution a lot many new decorative appliances have PVC flooring. Anti-static metal decorative plates and diatomaceous paints, such materials can increase decorative satisfaction and reduce damage from indoor pollution.PVC floors are a new type of environmentally friendly flooring. It is a very clean PVC wear layer and the special PUR (polyurethane) paint gives excellent results. decorative sheet metal pop displays is resistant to wear and tear. In this case, PVC flooring has high thermal conductivity and great dimensional strength. In addition, PVC flooring effectively blocks moisture and sound. The main limitation when choosing PVC floors is formaldehyde emissions. The best quality PVC floors do not emit formaldehyde.

Decorative metal plates brought a new way to connect people.

 The selection of decorative metal sheets is very diverse. Decorative panels may be made of metal elements or a combination of metal elements and other materials. Metal trim plates effectively resist damage, contamination, rot and fire. With these unique characteristics, decorative metal sheet can be used as interior doors, cabinets, back doors, etc. It can perfectly show the texture and beauty of metal fixtures, in addition to effectively concealing the hardness and corrosion of the metal by the paint.

Transfer sheet – how to transform cake decorating

This type of cake topper has been around for a year or two. But is rarely used but works very quickly and easily but like many others in the field of cake decorating there is an ‘artistic technique’ to this one. But I hope this will be clear to you soon. You can buy Decorative Aluminum Sheet Metal handouts in stores or online. And it comes in all sorts of colors and designs. The flexibility of the plate allows the design to be used on flat or curved surfaces. For added versatility, it comes with an A4 size acetate sheet for sprinkling colored cocoa butter. Sounds easy right? But the results are impressive. The cocoa butter sprayed on the transfer sheet comes from the cocoa beans. This butter is one of the main ingredients in good quality chocolate. That’s why it tastes so good. To see which side has acetate cocoa butter. Use your fingers to tap lightly. The top of the transfer sheet should be one edge with a slightly raised design, the other side smooth and polished. After choosing the design, measure the area you want to cover, as above, and leave a little space before cutting out the cardboard template. Place the template on the blank side of the transfer paper. Then mark the size with a marker. Then cut off the sides

Now you need to choose the type of chocolate you want to use to apply the transfer paper.

 This choice is important, for example, if the handout has a printed pastel design. Using dark chocolate as a background makes the design stand out better and on the other hand, dark designs stand out against the lighter colors. In this case, use milk or white chocolate. You need to have everything ready before you start. This is because chocolate hardens very quickly. If you normally temper your chocolate by temperature, use that method, but if you don’t, untendered chocolate works just as well. Even if it doesn’t shine the same height.

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