DesignEvo – Easily create professional logos

 DesignEvo – Easily create professional logos

DesignEvo is the ideal tool that allows you to create your logos very easily or even sell them if you wish! Whether you are a beginner or a professional with graphic design tools, you will easily find your marks on DesignEvo thanks to its intuitive use in “drag and drop” very easy to learn. With its immense library of professional logo templates and royalty-free resources, you will be able to make the most beautiful of your creations that will represent your business or that of your clients in a few clicks!

  • More than 10,000 logo templates designed by professionals, free of rights and classified by sector of activity
  • Create your logos from a template or scratch if you wish
  • Accessible to everyone, professionals and beginners alike
  • Easy-to-use Drag and Drop editing system
  • Infinite customization for your logos with fully customizable icons, texts, colors, effects, etc.
  • Incredible recording and exporting quality in high resolution (HD pdf file for printing, editable vector file, transparent .png, …)
  • Mock-up preview of your logos (business cards, website, notebooks, etc.)

Limitless customization!

Each logo is fully customizable! You will be able to modify the color, the typography, add icons, elements of illustrations, change the size, shape, opacity, etc …

Each element of your logo is adjustable according to your tastes. You have no limits in the design. All are presented simply and instinctively to allow even beginners to create efficient and professional logos.

  • Many modifiable and adjustable elements according to your desires
  • A fully customizable logo without any limits and constraints
  • Instinctive interface to optimize production time

A huge and fully customizable copyright-free resource bank

You have access to thousands of royalty-free models. Each logo is sorted by theme, allowing you to find the exact style corresponding to your expectations! Then, to customize it, nothing could be simpler. With one click, you access the editor.

You will also have the possibility to bookmark models to create a collection that you can modify later.

  • A wide choice of royalty-free logo templates
  • Organization of the different models to match all your desires
  • Save to the cloud and customize your favorite logos directly online
  •  Use the royalty-free library of icons and resources for complete freedom of customization

Being free of rights, if you are a graphic designer, you also can resell your creations to your clients! You will thus considerably optimize the time you spend creating your logos. 

Save and export your logos according to your usage and communication goals.

Once the logo is finished, you will download and export it to the media you need. You will then choose the format but also the resolution! Whether in PNG to have access to transparent backgrounds, in JPG for the web, in PDF for prints, or in SVG for a vector format (editable on Illustrator), you will be able to adapt the format according to your objectives of communication.

The high resolution (with HD or vector PDF) will allow you an ideal export quality for your logo if you have to send your file to a printer, for example.

In addition to all this, one of the functionalities allows you to preview your logo in the final situation.

Whether in the form of a website, a t-shirt, a notebook, a business card, etc. Viewing your creations on mock-ups allows you to protect yourself and check if everything corresponds to your expectations before use!

  • Perfect print quality
  • A choice according to your expectations of the export format
  • Accessible mock-ups to preview the logo in different factual situations

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