Destiny 2: How To Unlock The New Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage

 Destiny 2: How To Unlock The New Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage

The arrival of Destiny 2 xenophage Dungeon, called Pit of Heresy, carries another extraordinary weapon to seek after: the unstable round discharging Xenophage. In contrast to Wishender from the Shattered Throne Dungeon however, you’ll need to procure the mission for Xenophage outside of the prison and complete a progression of puzzle-centered journey ventures before you can enter the prison and gather the automatic rifle.

Stage 1: Starting the Quest “The Journey”

The Journey can be found in destiny 2 beginners guide the chamber where Eris looks after the pyramid. You’ll perceive this as the space you go to every week subsequent to finishing the recollections of Eris’ fire group mission. You can finish the current week’s mission, the memory of Eriana, to open the entry, or you can take the long way.

Start via arriving in Sorrows Harbor and head towards the Crimson Keep. Subsequent to going through the enormous entryway, head left toward the caverns. Regularly, you’d drop down a pit and proceed to the pyramid, yet you can really pursue a faster route to the disregard by hopping into a semi-covered up burrow up and to the right not long before the caverns.

Once inside, notice the four sculptures; two on the left and two on the right. Associating with any of the sculptures will make some of them light up. You will likely get each of the four sculptures lit. Here’s the arrangement:

Remaining at the passage to the room, communicate with the primary resolution on the right. Then, cooperation with the sculpture directly close to it. Then, at that point, the sculpture extreme left from the passageway. At last, the sculpture close to it on the left.

A chest will seem remunerating you with the mission “The Journey.” Your subsequent stage, called “arose out of the murkiness,” happens in Anchor of Light.

Stage 2: Emerged From The Dark

Whenever you’ve advanced toward Anchor of Light, search for a little structure on the west side. Behind a column inside, you’ll track down a gleaming circle you can get. When you do, a clock will begin and you’ll have to discover six spots to collaborate with before the time expires. The principal point is in a similar room.

Then, run straight out the entryway north towards the huge structure before you. Simply past it’s anything but, a rough divider to your left side. Bounce up it to track down the subsequent point.

The third is inside another little room in the focal point of the space and, from that point onward, you’ll discover number four in the huge structure close to where you previously got the sphere. You need to hop up the framework from an external perspective to discover it. Number five is in the huge structure close to where you discovered number two on the bluff, lastly, number six is on the top of the huge round building. In case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering any of them, here is a stamped map politeness of Reddit client u/EM1Jedi. through Reddit (u/EM1Jedi)

Whenever you’ve hit every one of the six, the clock will end and you’ll see a marker on your HUD. Go to that point and communicate with the column there to refresh the mission to the subsequent stage. Presently, you need to get out every one of the four lost areas on the Moon and complete a riddle toward the finish of every one.

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Stage 3: Finding The Lost Sector Fragments

Toward the finish of each lost area, an entryway will open that drives you back to the beginning of the zone. Past every entryway, you’ll discover a riddle on the divider that resembles this:

You will probably coordinate with each of the nine images to the image at the top. Shooting an image will transform it and the entirety of the images in its line and segment, thus, in the event that you shoot the center left image, the entirety of the images on the left segment and center column will change. There are four images that will pivot.

Here is the answer for every one, simply ensure you don’t shoot any faulty or you’ll have to leave the lost area to reset it and start once more:

Toxophilite Line – Top Left, Bottom Left, Middle, Middle Right Distress’ Harbor – Right Middle, Left Middle, Middle X2, Left Middle, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Middle

After every one, a chest will seem granting you with another piece. On the off chance that you got the xenophage definition week-by-week moon bounties from Eris, you can go for seconds here and do the lost area in the Hellmouth last to get the additional prize. At long last, it’s an ideal opportunity to do the prison!

Stage 4: Pit Of Heresy

Subsequent to completing the primary experience in the prison and gathering the chest, you’ll wind up before a line of entryways. You’re searching for the entryway that has no image on it. You’ll see it over the entryway where the extension closes. Here’s an image kindness of ajwags647 on Discord:

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