Develop A Food Delivery Clone App Like Ubereats And Maximize Your Revenue

 Develop A Food Delivery Clone App Like Ubereats And Maximize Your Revenue

“Online meal ordering, delivery, and takeaway” are the key highlights behind the success of Uber Eats. The American platform began its business operations in August 2014. Despite heavy competition in the market, it is reaching greater heights with every passing day. Entrepreneurs looking to dominate this booming sector can create an on-demand food delivery app. They can partner with bars, cafeterias, and restaurants of all sizes. 

What are the advantages offered by an UberEats like platform?

Multiple revenue streams

There are numerous sources of income from an UberEats like food delivery app. It includes a commission from restaurants for each order, Eat Pass monthly subscription plan, Gross Meal Value (GMV), order cancellation fees, and transaction processing charges. 

Quick growth in the market

“Cashbacks, Discounts, Offers, and Promotional Codes” are the various incentives that can be provided to food buffs. This will help techpreneurs to grab a greater market share. This will lead to a high increase in daily and monthly active users. 

Importantly, offering these rewards will also lead to a shift in customers from other platforms to a platform similar to UberEats. This is because users will automatically buy the food item that is priced less. 

Real-time management of operations 

Round-the-clock order fulfilment and takeout activities are the hallmarks of UberEats. Likewise, techpreneurs can control their business activities with ease. 

They can monitor the total number of current and upcoming bookings across cities (metropolitan, Tier-2, and Tier-3) and towns. Similarly, the admin of an UberEats clone will efficiently allocate the tasks to delivery executives depending on the demand from customers. 

Reduction in expenditure 

Automation is one of the biggest reasons behind the success of Uber Eats. Apart from offering real-time home delivery and takeout services, it is also ahead in terms of technology. Entrepreneurs can use this big advantage and race ahead in the market. 

They can digitize different tasks like the implementation of marketing campaigns, inventory control, order processing, and payment execution. 

Explore the top 10 features of an UberEats like food delivery clone?

Add Your Restaurant 

Techpreneurs can tie up with small-scale and large-scale eateries across cities and towns anywhere. They must enter details like their address, email address, name, and phone number. 

Interested sellers should choose various types of categories (restaurants and specialty food stores). They will benefit from flexible order allocation, greater reach in the target market, and real-time access to data. 

Business Account Button 

Corporate companies can create their business account in no time. They can order tasty delicacies for their clients, customers, employees, and investors. Besides that, organizations will benefit from options like contactless deliveries, flexible creation of meal programs, gift cards, group ordering, and vouchers.

Discounts Dashboard 

Indeed, ordering food online is quite economical when compared to dining in eateries. Hence, techpreneurs can collaborate with restaurants (small and large) for updating information about new coupons and codes. 

Flexible ordering options 

UberEats offers 2 choices for customers. They can tap either the Delivery Now or Schedule for Later option. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can allocate tasks to delivery personnel based on the average preparation time taken by the restaurant and the location of the customer. 

Gift Cards section 

Techpreneurs with a clever mindset can offer B2B food delivery services. They can offer gift cards for corporate companies across the globe. These valuable cards can be handed over by organizations to their clients and employees. 

They receive advantages like the instant purchase of multiple gift vouchers and quick redeeming of coupons. 

Live tracking of orders 

Real-time monitoring of the orders is a big advantage of the UberEats clone. Food buffs can track their current bookings via GPS. Besides that, they can handle their schedule effectively. Users will know the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the order fulfilment executives. 

Nearby Cities 

Customers can satisfy their hunger pangs by checking the Closer Cities section. They can view an advanced map and choose the eatery which is in proximity to their location (household or offices). 

A Rating system 

Users can review the professionalism of the delivery executives and the quality of the food ordering experience. They can pass comments publicly. Eventually, techpreneurs can go through the comments and take corrective action. 

Social media login mechanism 

Customers can sign in quickly on a food delivery clone app like UberEats. They can link their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

24×7 technical assistance

Round-the-clock support is a special aspect of the UberEats clone app. Entrepreneurs must hire a proficient team for handling customer issues. This will lead to instant resolution of issues like delayed deliveries, incorrect orders, leaked packages, and payment execution glitches. 

What is the cost of creating an UberEats like food delivery app?

Several facets influence the development of an UberEats like platform. The total budget of launching a customized food ordering and delivery app depends on 

  • Hourly rates paid to the front-end and back-end developers. 
  • Kind of features and functionalities added to the food delivery solution. 
  • Level of customization required by entrepreneurs. 
  • Nature of the user interface (UI).
  • Time for creating the front-end and back-end of the ordering app.
  • The type of operating system (Android, iOS, and Windows). 

Besides that, techpreneurs can avail an exclusive set of post-deployment services. They can use solutions like the addition of payment gateways, API integration, digital marketing, legal compliance, software upgradation, and technical assistance. Eventually, this would enhance the functioning of the UberEats like food delivery clone app. 

Wrapping Up

Uber Eats is undoubtedly the biggest food delivery platform in the whole world. The American platform is a leader in powering the gig economy. 

Interestingly, it is offering a new service called “Walking Courier” in Tokyo. This will help in cutting down carbon emissions and fuel cost significantly. It would also lead to more income for those delivery executives who own bicycles or those who do not possess a vehicle. 

Further, it will reduce deliveries of food in case of traffic in populated cities. Entrepreneurs can consider introducing this option to offer an environment-friendly way of order fulfilment. 

The global food delivery industry is expected to grow by a whopping 11% from 2021 to 2026. Therefore, it is the right time for innovative business minds to launch a Food delivery clone app like UberEats. 

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