Difference Between Staffing and Recruitment

 Difference Between Staffing and Recruitment

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All over the world, the global nature of acquiring new talent is increasing worldwide. No doubt in this regard, social media is one of the best platforms which has taken the responsibility of identifying and hiring the right talent for the company.

Every business indeed needs employees to fill the post when any employee is leaving or in situations when business is growing, and the company needs new talent to handle the various projects. So, in this situation, the role of the HR department starts, and they have two main options to hire the right talent: staffing and recruiting.

Although these two terms are often considered the same by many people, they are different in terms of functions. So, let’s discuss these two terms, staffing or best professional staffing agency and recruitment, in detail to understand the real difference between the two.

Comparison Chart

MeaningRecruiting implies an act of searching and attracting prospective candidates for employment.Staffing means a process of employing and developing the workforce of an organization.
What is it?Component of staffingFunction of management
Time horizonShort termLong term
OccurrenceAt the initial stage of recruiting.At all the levels of employment.
  1. What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the systematic process of the company to seek and acquire the best talent for a vacant post. That means in this process, the company advertises an ad on various platforms and accepts as many applications as possible from the pool of several job hunters. However, through the recruitment process, only people get to know the job openings in the company and decide whether they want to apply for the post.

After that, with the help of the interview and screening process, the best candidate is chosen, which is called staffing. Here, the company has to determine how many candidates they need and decide each talent’s skill set. Overall, you can say they decide the best fit for the post.

Apart from that, companies also take the help of internal or external recruiting teams to attract, hire and engage candidates. However, internal recruitment is when the position is filled from within the organization, and external recruitment is job postings, recruitment programs, etc.

What is staffing?

Staffing is the process of selecting and hiring the most suitable person for the post from all those who applied for a post. Apart from that, it also aims to retain the highly skilled and competent workforce. The reason is every business needs good employees to grow business, and it is becoming quite difficult to retain the employees within the organization.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for the company to choose the best candidate for the post and then offer appropriate training so that they can develop the skills according to the post.

And after that, these candidates will be offered competitive salaries and benefits to remain work with the existing company.

Well, staffing or the best professional staffing agency has various steps to determine the workforce requirements. That means how many employees and what kind of candidates are required for the job, choosing the best candidate, encouraging possible workers to apply for the post, placement of the best candidate, offering training and development, promotions, incentives, compensations, etc.

The essential difference between recruitment and staffing

Staffing refers to the process of workforce development. It is an Important early part of the recruiting process.On the other hand, the recruiter performs the staffing function through the placements.
Staffing refers to filling short-termpositions, or project-based positions.Recruiting means filling jobs for a particular company. It involves everything, from search to onboarding.
The staffer is a hunter. He creates interestAnd drives talent towards the organization.These professionals are the contact people for the candidates.
They conduct research, perform the jobdescriptions, create social media profiles, send emails, pick up calls, and hit the search engines et competitor web pages.They manage job postings, process applications, prepare candidates for the interview and even negotiate the contracts.
Here company employment goals plays a crucial role.These professionals specialize in each aspect of the recruiting cycle.
They conduct strategic planning, analyze the workforce.The recruiter manages relationships, guides candidates through screening, selection, and hiring process.
Staffing forms a work team within the company. They hire talent and fill in the position.They perform essential functions in the recruiting process using tools and data mining to identify qualified candidates.
They pay more attention to the skills of potential employees.Recruiters consider hard and soft skills, as well as numerous other factors.
They repeat, tweak and refine these activities until they get qualified prospects.They follow the process until the position in the company is filled.
Staffing firms employ sourcing.Professionals to concentrate on the initialProcurement of candidates.They sometimes even facilitate the on-boarding process as well. 

The bottom line

Indeed, both staffing and recruiting cannot survive without one another, but they are not the same. So, next time when your company wants new candidates for the post, try to understand the real difference by watching it practically.


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