Different Manufacturing Issues For The Surgical Gowns

 Different Manufacturing Issues For The Surgical Gowns

We normally use things and we don’t know how many problems and matters people are dealing with. The process of Surgical Gowns manufacturing is not that easy which we think about in our daily life. In actual we are not associated with the working of the backside team. That’s why we are totally unaware of the working of the manufacturing team.

There are so many issues that mostly manufacturing concerns face on a daily basis. After too much investment they are facing many ground issues for completing the production cycle. So here we are going to discuss this, how they do it and what are the main issues behind it.

The details of the issues are as below which need to be faced for the manufacturing of the surgical gowns.

1. Vendor shortlisting

The selection of the vendor is not an easy task. Because the back chain of the different materials is totally associated with it. Adding the wrong and unprofessional vendor means compromising on the whole work chain. That’s why I need to work smartly in shortlisting by analyzing so many things about the vendors. This is a big-time challenge.

2. Controlling factory overhead

As the factory running is not a joke, it takes too much effort and time to set and control everything. Especially when we talk about the factory overhead and their variation in the cost of fixing things. The overhead controlling challenge is the main issue related to many sub-issues.

Focusing on every minor thing and setting it up for making it constant is not easy.

3. Supply chain problems

The issues related to the supply chain have many sub-issues. Like delay in material arrival, stuck material on the port, a strike by the third-party workers, bad weather, and many more. Some of them are controllable and some of them need special planning to overcome. Because many things are not made for control, the only way to deal with them is by planning.

4. Quality control issues for material

The material arrival is not so simple; many samples and tests need to be done before accepting it. As this is also hard and time is taken to process, different factories use different standards to control it. Because one wrong step can make things worse, as this material wrong filtration can damage all production products.

This is a big risk on investment and all efforts, that’s why we need to control each and everything.

5. Material mixing issues

The control for the material placement is the big issue, as this can confuse the working team. Furthermore, the correct mixture for the production according to the formula is not easy. Minor up and down can create a big issue in the whole production.

6. Labor-management issues

The labor handling and the labor dealing is the big issue. Because labor is humans and their demand for different things remains open. Furthermore, the labor union and leader also manipulate things in the working environment. That means smart handling of them is the key to the proper production cycle.

7. Machine operating issues

The production machines operating is not a small matter, because no normal person can do it. This needs proper education and experience in handling the machines. Wrong handling of the machine can waste all material, labor, and associated cost, furthermore it can also damage the machine as well.

That’s why we need to find an expert team to run machines properly. Also need to care for them because without them machines and production can’t run.

8. High defects rate in production

If the defect rate becomes high in the production so that particular product is unable to sell in the targeted market. That means a direct big loss of investment, time, and effort. That’s why pre-sample testing and pilot running on new material are always needed to check carefully.

9. Production plan delay and disturbance

The delay in the production plan is a common and big issue for the factories. Because disturbance of many other factors directly affected the main production. This is big trouble because most of the customers do step out due to delay. This all pressure of the order and investment needs to be borne by the producer.

10. Disturbance in delivery of goods

After the production, if the customer is not picking their goods means a shortage of space in the factory. On the other hand due to many natural reasons which are not controlled by the factory or customer. Many times, factories face issues in delivery stops. This is the big issue that also disturbs financial rolling as well.

11. Customer chasing

We know that the customer is the life for every business. Wrong handling of the customer means killing of business. All the owners can’t deal with all the activities so they hire a team to handle this. But if the team is not dealing well with customers, how long can owners bear the loss in the business? This is a big challenge for the manufacturers.

12. Rejecting of regular orders

The rejection of the normal orders by the market due to similar products at a low price is also a big issue. This needs to be handled very smartly to save the lost.

13. Payment recovery issues

For the manufacturing concern payment recovery is the common issue. But they trust and run in the late recovery.

14. Material deficiency issues

The deficiency of the material from the vendor or the market can stop the production cycle. To handle that issue they need to work on the substitute materials as well.

15. Rapid change in costing

The variation of the material and other associated costs is another big challenge. Because they can’t push to market again and again for the same.

16. Competitor’s steps pressure

The activities by the competitors need to be checked because any wrong step can kick them out from the business.

17. Limited availability of skilled staff

Most factories face skilled staff availability issues, as training new staff and giving them experience take too much time.

18. Lack of improvement work for future

Now in the production rush, only a few of the owners think about creativity, development, innovation, and improvement. Because the traditional surgical suits are demanding some news for the industry now. The old materials and designs are now getting obsolete which need focus for a better future.

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