Different Types of Closet Doors

 Different Types of Closet Doors

Interior designers know that each element in your house serves a specific purpose. Though closet doors are substantial, they remain forgotten for interior design. Closets play a significant role in keeping your belongings hidden from everyone else to see. Hence, it is worth ensuring that your closet door looks stylish and goes with the aesthetic appeal of your room. So if you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom or any area in your house, consider these modish closet doors list for inspiration. But before selecting, you need to ensure the type of closet door you choose should complement the space and the usage of the closet. While in some cases, the kind of closet influences the style of the door.

The differentiation of the closet doors is based on the style, operations, and materials encompassing everything from sliding, pivot, accordion, and pocket sliding doors to mirrored, barn, and bookcase-style closet doors. While having multiple varieties of closet doors, we know how intimidating it can be for you to select the right one for your house. If you think it’s that confusing, you can seek professional assistance from the interior designers or furniture brand houses that design stylish and customized doors in Sacramento.

Also, to make it easier, we have coupled a handy list for you to determine the right door for each of your rooms.

By-pass closet Doors

This door is also called a sliding door and is familiar to most. The by-pass closet door is installed within a frame having a track, enabling the door to slide past one another. It comprises numerous varieties, such as wood, aluminum, and glass.

Pros: By-pass doors are space savers, as they consume less space to open. Moreover, they are lightweight and sturdy.

Cons: Because of its functionality of opening one another, you can only access one door at a time.

Bifold closet Doors

These doors are paneled doors connected by a hinge and are usually available in 2 pairs of panels. The bifold doors are custom-made so that you can fit them in oddly sized closets. If you want to customize the entries according to your wardrobe, you can go to buy bifold closet doors in Fresno.

Pros: These doors are budget-friendly and lightweight, consuming less space to open.

Cons: Because they consume less space while folded open, they don’t allow full opening use.

Accordion closet Doors

These doors are made up of lightweight PVC designed to look like several materials, wood, and laminates. The panels of the accordion doors are narrow, allowing the door to be stretched when shut and compact when open.

Pros: They are very lightweight and are available in much better quality than they were twenty years ago.

Cons: These doors might feel unstable while opening and closing, as they have no lower tracks.

Pocket Closet Doors

Like its name, these doors slide into the little pocket of the wall when opened. These are perfect when you have to use the entire opening or where you have no room for a swing door. You can look for its other varieties of doors in Santa Rosa.

Pros: They are super space savers, feasible to use, lightweight, and you can make use of an entire opening.

Cons: If your closet is large, you have to customize the door according to it, which might be expensive.

Pivot Closet Doors

These doors are very spacious and are installed at the top and bottom of the door, allowing the door to open out completely. They are frameless and need no carpentry finishes for the door frames.

Pros: Pivot closet doors are stylish and bold in appearance, as they allow complete access to the closet opening.

Cons: These doors are high in price and need professional installation.

French Closet Doors

French closet doors are lightweight and narrow in shape, designed to fit the closet opening. It has traditional hinged doors and lightweight frames and can be given several treatments, from frosted to stained glass.

Pros: These doors don’t need specific installation or treatment and are great for walk-in closets.

  • Cons: Because of its mirror glasses and transparent opening, it needs enough clearance to look appealing. Moreover, it needs a proper space and isn’t made for small rooms where the door hits the bed.

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