Different Tyre Types and Treads to be Acquainted with

 Different Tyre Types and Treads to be Acquainted with

Summer tyres

Performance tyres are performance-oriented tyres that are designed for speed, acceleration and cornering grip. The main characteristic of this type of tyre is that its tread compound allows heat to dissipate quicker than a regular tyre.

It comes in either summer or Tyres Milton Keynes versions with improved braking capabilities over standard tyres. They are usually fitted to sports cars, performance hatchbacks and race circuits because their names suggest; however, it’s not uncommon for them to see service on the family saloon car if it has a sporty tune or special handling package.

  • There are two types of performance tyres available in the market: – 1) Summer tyres 2) Winter Performance Tyres. These performance tyres have features, construction & compounds different from regular tyres.

Summer tyre – In general and directional tread patterns, summer tyres provide superior grip while turning on dry and wet roads.

  • These tyres have several grooves cut into the tread pattern that facilitates water evacuation to reduce hydroplaning risk. ‘P’ type rated tyres also have a special sidewall treatment which will resist damage from impacts with road hazards such as potholes & curbs.
  • They are mainly used during the year’s dry season, i.e. from April till September in most countries; however, you can use them anytime you wish if not required by your car manufacturer for specific models throughout the year.

 Winter performance tyres: because of the recent advancement in-car technology, we can see a lot of cars fitted with summer tyres during the winter season in snow-covered areas. This isn’t good for the safety and handling capabilities of your vehicle.

There’s nothing wrong with using Summer Tyres during winter. Still, you must understand that they aren’t designed to be operated at low temperatures and under heavy load conditions during snowfall. Therefore, a particular type of tyre known as ‘winter performance tyres’ is available in the market, which proved better traction on ice or snow surfaces than other types.

Tyre Technology & its advantage over regular tyre:

 Many people don’t understand how rubber compounds play a vital role in tyres’ performance characteristics. Also, they don’t know why these tyres need to be run at lower pressures than regular tyres.

Therefore, this article is specially written for those who understand the concept of tyre technology and want to learn what advantages these tyres can offer over regular tyres. To make a perfect product, it needs to have unique features, construction & compounds which will improve its overall performance capabilities. The same goes with summer or winter tyres;

  • Special tread compound

 Usually, the rubber compound available in the average tyre is designed for optimum grip during dry conditions. In contrast, summer/winter tyre has special rubber compound for both dry & wet conditions like rain or snowfall. Due to heavy damp surface grip problems, some summers are made with only a dry grip compound & no wet grip.

  • Tyre construction

There are thousands of different tyre constructions available in the market. Some of the most popular types are speaking, wire; belted etc. each type has its characteristics and performance according to its design.

But they don’t have any advantage over regular tyres regarding handling capabilities or noise level during normal driving conditions. After performing the alignment process, you can achieve the same results from either Winter Tyres Milton Keynes by installing them on a proper wheels/rims combination.

  • Overall weight reduction

Specially made tyres designed to be lighter or thinner than standard tyres are available in the market.

  • Friction coefficient

 Some manufacturers advertise their product by claiming a lower friction coefficient rather than standard fitment. This is because; most competitive products available in the market don’t have very high-performance capability compared to superior brand’s tyre.

Therefore, manufacturers offer them different names like “upgraded tyre “, “bead lock tyre “, etc. They provide the same results as standard fitment, but at least they can differentiate themselves from competitors for marketing purposes.

Overall, this Tyres Milton Keynes have no advantage over standard fitment or premium fitments if you compare them based on their prime function, i.e. safety & performance both under Dry & Wet conditions. However, bead locked tyres are one exception where it provides an overall better performance than regular fitment tyre.

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