Different Uses Of Plaster Of Paris

 Different Uses Of Plaster Of Paris

A white color powder, commonly known as Plaster of Paris has significant uses in building houses, in medical, ceiling designs, and much more. You must have seen the architects sculpted different designs on walls, doctors molded plaster of Paris to take the size of teeth, or joint specialists providing fracture set, in every case, POP is used. 

There are different other uses of Plaster of Paris which are still not known to many of us and has been described below-

  1. In dentistry studies- The students who take medical in their higher studies need both practical and theoretical knowledge to excel in their subject. Likely, a student who is pursuing dentistry, need to understand how to work with the alignments of teeth, and thereby, the structure made of Plaster of Paris comes into account, where they can study and examine how it works.
  2. Formation of sculptures- Any monument, a sculpture of any renowned personality is also made of plaster of Paris. In fact, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, millions of people took Ganesh Buppa murti at their homemade of Plaster of Paris and worship the occasion with true beliefs. 
  3. In the cinema industry- Film producers to filmmakers do not leave a single chance to not entertain the audience. Even in cinemas, big sets show big villages which are made up of the best putty for walls, Plaster of Paris only.
  4. Photo frames, an antique piece at home- Plaster of Paris is also used in making antiques pieces \ showpieces for home and showrooms. For example- jewelry, flower cases, jars, etc. These antique pieces not only look creative but give aesthetic look to the viewers. 
  5. Aligning joint- While playing, injuries are natural but some injuries are severe and life-threatening too. We often have heard that kids got their hand bone cracked that implies, he\she is advised to fracture so the joint can be aligned. It took time but the fracture is also made of plaster of Paris to give the shape or structure as per the hand of the kid. 
  6. For making toys\pots- Who does not love to decorate their houses? Hardly anyone! The Pop material could be seen in many houses as a showcase or in the form of a toy. The Plaster of Paris is used in making toys and attractive decorative items for kids. Thus, we can make anything from POP by just molding the material 
  7. Cups and plates- Plaster of Paris has a water-resistant property that means you can easily make cups, plates, from the material and rinse it off with water after the application of liquid soap. Plaster of Paris has great uses but it is only used for interior decorations and not for external. 
  8. Others- Plaster of Paris can also be used in extracting the information of the criminal by taking the proof of their footprints. 

Thus, apart from usage in putty on wall, Plaster of Paris has different applications as discussed above. It is lightweight and durable and is of great use for kids in their art\craft.


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