Different Ways to Get Free Online Information

 Different Ways to Get Free Online Information

Different Ways to Get Free Online Information

How would you like to be able to search tens of thousands of websites from one location and find precisely what you want? Anyone can do that by using Feed reader.

Feed reader has been around for many years and is still going strong. It is a service that allows the user to subscribe to feeds from various websites across the web with just one account. So if there’s a website or blog you visit regularly, subscribe to their feed, then all of their articles will arrive in your reader window automatically! So save time and go straight to the information you want.

There are several ways to get free information online, but Feedreader helps save time and resources while providing up-to-date coverage of blogging or vloging about topics.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” A feed is a technology used by websites and blogs to deliver content directly to subscribers without visiting the site every time you want updates. Instead, you subscribe to their feeds, and then those articles arrive in your Feedreader window – usually daily or weekly as set up. 

This means you can get new information faster than going back over all the sites regularly, saving time while ensuring up-to-date coverage of the topics that interest you most! Feeds are a great way of keeping track of news about special interests, hobbies, and leisure activities such as golfing, cooking, and travel.

Subscribing is easy: type in one of the websites you like to visit and click on “subscribe.” Or, if there is a particular blog that interests you, subscribe by visiting the blog’s home page and clicking on “feed” in the right column. Most blogs will show their feed address above or below their articles.

Once subscribed, your Feedreader window opens up with all of your feeds displayed in chronological order. The date at which each article was published will be shown beside the title; new articles are highlighted as they arrive so you can quickly scan through for exciting items.

You can choose to display a slideshow that cycles through all of your articles in one window – great for keeping up with the latest news on multiple blogs or websites. Another option is to create separate windows for each feed; this allows you to have one blog open while you read another and so on. The possibilities are limitless!

There are many other advantages to using Feed reader over searching individual websites or subscribing to newsletters:

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If something specific interests you, then type it into the search box at the top right-hand side of your feed reader window and click “search.” All items containing your search term will be displayed. Also, try putting quotes around phrases, e.g., “dolphins” – this will display all items with the word dolphins in them.

Sticky Keywords

These are words that can be used to help you sort through all of your results. For example, if you want to see all articles containing either the keyword “dolphin” or “whale,” click on these keywords. They will become highlighted (putting quotes around a set of two keywords will show only those which contain both – i.e., putting quotes around “dolphins” and “whales” will result in just those items saying “dolphins and whales”). To remove the highlight from a keyword, right-click it and choose “remove sticky.”

Now let’s look at five ways to get free information using RSS feeds:

1) News & Politics – For current stories from leading news sites such as BBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, plus hundreds of smaller blogs and news sources.

2) Business & Investing – Get up-to-the-minute coverage from the Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc Magazine, Yahoo Finance, plus thousands more!

3) Science & Technology – Receive updates on NASA’s latest space missions, discoveries in astronomy and physics, along with all of the latest news on current computer developments.

4) Sports – Be the first to know about breaking sports news; get regular updates from ESPN, including scores and live commentary for significant sporting events such as NFL football games (including playoffs and Super Bowl), NBA basketball games (including playoffs and finals), NHL hockey games (including playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals), MLB baseball games (including playoffs and World Series) along with hundreds of soccer matches.

5) Entertainment – Get regular updates on upcoming movies, celebrity gossip, and music news for the latest rock bands out there; find out about shows times for your favourite TV series and movies coming soon to a theatre near you.

There are thousands of websites from all around the globe which use feeds to supply their content. To ensure all of these sites offer an optimum user experience, Feed reader has been continually developed since 2003, resulting in a highly reliable product with features such as:


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