Dipak Nandi – a comprehensive understanding on DME Billing

 Dipak Nandi – a comprehensive understanding on DME Billing

DME Prior Authorization

For many healthcare practices, the process of DME billing has always been encumbering with a lack of transparency and inefficiency.  In fact, despite of spending thousands and thousands of cash and resources, practices still end up losing tons of money on the table. This is why it is extremely essential to have an efficient billing solution or partner in hand.

In fact, here are few tips while choosing the right billing partner: 

  • Expert in billing guidelines and familiar with coverage regulations – with proper industry mandates, guidelines of each payer your billing specialistmust be aware of the coverage and work towards its specific requirement. Supporting the medical necessity of the procedure, he/ she must be conscious of shifting billing regulations.
  • Work on reducing denial rate – ensuring the right codes, information and various needed data, your billing expert needs to routinely perform with the correct procedure. Analyzing the reasons for errors, they should further work on improving the rejection rate.
  • Met with payer criteria – need to meet the payer’s criteria according to requirement before any submission.
  • Proper understanding of codes – one of the most vital area in a medical billing process is codes. Your specialist should clearly define codes. This will not only help negotiating contracts and while seeking full reimbursement but also will ensure a better ROI.

In fact, today there are many operational extensions opening up and reaching to many providers with excellent RCM support half the price of what they pay for in-house billers and coders.   Providing a better billing solution it also help in operational cost reduction; saving a lot of money and resources at the same time.

With years of experience, an operational extension is an invaluable support offering faster and complete reimbursement for your practices stated Dr.  Dipak Nandi a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, M . D, and a board certified psychiatrist; an experienced pioneer of the medical billing outsourcing industry.


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