Dipak Nandi: All About the Current HME Billing Crisis and how to Overcome it

 Dipak Nandi: All About the Current HME Billing Crisis and how to Overcome it

HME billing

Today more than half of the healthcare practices are experiencing trouble in hiring experienced billers. As many healthcare workers like billers and skilled coders haven’t yet returned to their work for a variety of reasons like –

  • Fear of getting sick or getting affected by the covid – 19 virus
  •  generous unemployment packages
  • not having child care etc

However, this labor shortage problem is expected to be long term and not just a short – term inconvenience. This is why the most convenient solution is outsourcing ( home medical equipment) HME billing operations for a seamless transaction.

Offering trained staff and consistent management of your complete pre and post HME billing operation, there are many outsourcing RCM operations that helping you with faster reimbursement also assists you with a better cash flow.

With specialized trained billers and coding staff, many of the challenges that affect your practices get mitigated in no time. With professional expertise in the state of art billing software, the operational extension is further up to date on regulations, compliance, and other industry standards; so that you experience a better billing management.

Having better training opportunities and exceptional operational extension, an outsourcing partner further ensure a greater stability due to its years of experience in working with different clients, payers, insurer etc.

Minimizing the expenses of its in – house operation which is the concern of the healthcare center, an RCM further eliminates training cost, software fees and means that lead to investing in tools, technology and people. Increasing your net collections percentage and reducing your days in A/R, it is the most cost effective and convenient solution for any practice.

Resolving your complex HME billing operation in no time and handling your reimbursement process which can be kind of murky at times, an operational extension today caters to both operational and financial needs of the practice at a cost effective rate, stated Dipak Nandi a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, M.D, and a board certified psychiatrist .


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