Diversity, inclusion, equity training

EVERFI’s Diversity, Equity and Comprehensive Online Training Course (sponsored by the Department of Multicultural Affairs and the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention Strategy) offers identity and self-centeredness, impostor syndrome, identity transition, power and privilege, and oppressive bias. And unconscious bias, covering respect and alliances, and self-care. In this online training on diversity and inclusion, participants:

Learn important concepts related to identity, prejudice, power, privilege and oppression

Learn about the benefits of being part of a diverse community

Develop skills related to ally behavior, self-care, and the creation of inclusive spaces

This training is self-paced and takes about an hour to complete. This online training is offered to all members of the Lehigh University community (students, staff, faculty, graduates). To enroll yourself and / or your department, unit, office, club, and / or organization in this training, download this Excel registration document and enter the information of everyone enrolling in this training. please. When you’re done, email the form to Chad Williams ([email protected]). I will contact you!

Upon successful completion of EVERFI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training, the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) will offer three follow-up sessions:

Anti-racism 101: Basics of anti-racism (1 hour)

This workshop explores the basic concepts and principles of anti-racism. Participants in the workshop will have a meaningful conversation about building racial and racist and what it means to be anti-racist.

Anti-racism 102: Anti-racist Action Plan (1 hour)

This workshop will allow participants to develop specific strategies for combating racism and white supremacism. Workshop participants will be engaged in developing an anti-racist action plan that will enable participants to make commitments to change in all aspects of their daily lives.

I’m not a minority! (Specially designed for students, staff, faculty, and graduates identified as blacks, indigenous peoples, and / or people of color) (1 hour)

This workshop will confront the labels and terminology assigned to the BIPOC people and explore ways to strengthen white supremacism and systematic oppression and control. In this workshop, we encourage BIPOC individuals and communities to name and leverage agency and subjectivity.

Anti-racism 201: What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)? (1.5 hours)

This workshop will discuss the origins of critical race theory (CRT) and criticisms of gradual change. Participants will learn how to deal directly with false information about CRTs.

Anti-racism 202: Racism in medical care (1 hour or 2 hours for extended sessions)

High performers and modern leaders recognize that building genuine relationships with everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, or other aspects of diversity, requires a unique skill set. .. In other words, not only is everyone “invited to the table”, but a deliberate journey to create a truly voiced and welcoming work environment, learn about self-discovery and the perception of others, and inclusiveness. Take a step towards improving. Team performance. Scholarships may be available to those who qualify.  Please call 216-987-4391 for more information.

Training and Certificates

Our Diversity and Inclusion Facilitators excel at facilitating productive conversations and managing complex group dynamics as they focus on achieving the organizational and individual outcomes needed to increase awareness, understanding and behavior change

Positive diversity and inclusion practices are proven to improve employee experience and workplace performance. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company showed that a diverse and well-rounded workplace can improve performance and lead to:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Various perspectives
  • Increase creativity
  • Higher innovation rate
  • Faster problem solving
  • Improving decision results

Embracing diversity and promoting equality can greatly help create a workplace culture that helps people reach their potential by transcending stereotypes, respecting talent, and doing their best without prejudice. In addition, a comprehensive workplace promotes productivity and efficiency, strengthens your business and delivers greater value to everyone.

Vinci Works’ all-new diversity training suite offers first-person accounts on the various issues faced by all workplaces. Users are asked to learn the facts about discrimination, understand workplace policies regarding equality, learn how to promote inclusion in the workplace, and consider what to do if they face these issues in the workplace. The theory is put into practice through interactive scenario, activity, and test questions on the relevant diversity and inclusion training topics of interest.

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