Divorce Lawyers: What to Expect

 Divorce Lawyers: What to Expect

Many people break down at even the thought of going in front of their estranged spouses and making decisions about who owns what and what is owed to whom. The reason for this, as is obvious, is that it takes a lot out of a person to deal with the pain and stress of separating from someone so important to them. However, sometimes there is no other solution but to part ways in peace and dignity. One of the solutions that people advise someone going through a divorce for avoiding such emotionally traumatic confrontations is to hire a profession lawyer who would act on the person’s behalf. If you are about to initiate a divorce with your spouse, then this is a wise and logical counsel. However, even talking to a Queens Divorce Lawyer can be emotionally stressful if you are not prepared for it. In order to make the whole process as simple for you as possible, the following is a list of things you should expect from your divorce lawyer.

1. The first meeting: In the first meeting you should expect your lawyer to ask you some very penetrating questions about the whole situation. These questions may churn up a lot of emotions but you need to understand that they are extremely important. You will be asked pertinent information about your financial status, bank statements, debts, children, property and even credit cards.

2. Counsel: Following this, you can expect your divorce lawyer to tell you in no uncertain terms what to expect from the proceedings. Divorce cases can become very emotional and dirty at the same time. Therefore, your divorce lawyer would not only be your legal counsel but may also become your very close confidante.

3. Filing the case: The Contested Divorce lawyer NY would take care of the technical and bureaucratic requirements of filing the divorce case or responding to a divorce case. Filling in forms, maintaining deadlines and keeping you informed about what is needed from you is your lawyer’s job.

4. Child custody: Divorce cases that involve children are the most painful ones a couple can ever go through. These are bitterly fought every inch of the way and can result in obscure clauses and legal statements being brought up. Thus, having a divorce lawyer on your side if you want the custody of your children would be prudent.

5. Negotiated settlements: The majority of divorce cases, however, get settled outside the court. As is obvious, such cases involve a lot of haggling and negotiating outside of court with respect to ownership of items and even alimony aspects of the separation. This negotiation should be done by a professional and most divorce lawyers are especially adept at negotiations of such sorts.


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