Do I need to register my company as a trademark?

 Do I need to register my company as a trademark?

If you already use a business name, you can usually only protect the name by registering it as a trademark. Many people assume that simply registering a business name at Companies House (by setting up a company) or registering a domain name with a registrar (by creating a domain name) provides sufficient protection. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

You can only get legal exclusivity by registering your trademark.

 If you choose not to protect your trademarks (which can include company name to domain and domain names) by registering, you run the risk of someone else registering the name. When this happens, all the hard work and goodwill you put into building your brand can be undermined (or lost entirely).

It is also possible that your name is already owned by someone else (registered trademark) without your knowledge. If so, you risk building goodwill for a brand you don’t own. Have you checked if you are infringing on an existing registered trademark? The last thing you want is to be sued for trademark infringement. This not only causes unwanted legal and litigation costs, but also the costs of switching businesses and rebranding products and services.

As an internet consultant,

I am often asked what a good domain name is. The simple answer is the “stickiness factor”. The best domains are short, easy to type and often contain descriptive keywords. This makes it attractive and easy to remember, a difficult factor.

This is what you do…

Show family or friends any domain name you’re considering and then change the subject of the conversation. After an hour, ask them to repeat the domain name for you. The ones they remember have the most poignant factor. Try it with different groups of people. Remember to change the order in which you say the domains. You want to make sure they remember it because it’s hard, not just because you’ve said it every time before.

How professional domain brokers choose domains for clients

Avoid lines and numbers. The shorter and shorter your domain name is, the easier it is for people to remember. Symbols and numbers confuse. If you buy a symbol or number of a domain name, you need to buy all the different versions; otherwise your customers will get confused and go to the wrong site.

Avoid abbreviations unless they are common. An abbreviated business name may mean something to you, but it means nothing to most people. It also means nothing to search engines unless the abbreviation is common.


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