Do NOT Make These Three Mistakes After A Fire

 Do NOT Make These Three Mistakes After A Fire

A house fire can be devastating. Add to that the worry and anxiety of salvaging damaged items, cleaning up, and claiming damages.

During such a crisis it’s normal for you to be confused about how to go about handling things. You may think it best to clean up first and then call your insurance company.

This decision could prove to be a mistake in the long run. Why? Because your first priority should be that of, what the law calls, “mitigating damages”. That is, you need to stop the damage from getting worse after a fire.

All this involves quite a balancing act on your part. A fire claims adjuster texas is the best professional to help you out at such a time.

Many fire victims also make the mistake of thinking they can handle the post-fire formalities on their own, including the clean-up. Again, this decision can back fire and you could end up losing a fair size of your home insurance claim.

Before you even file a claim ensure you do NOT make these three mistakes:

1. Not Document the Incident

This is one of the most important steps you need to take before you file your claim. Take as many pictures and videos of the damage your property has suffered, so you can present it as evidence to your insurer.

This is an essential part of your documentation while filing a claim. The insurer will use it to assess the extent to which your property has been damaged. Your documentation also helps at the time of determining cost of repair and replacement.

To make sure your records are perfect and no detail is missed, you can hire a documentation expert.  They provide detailed reports of the kind that insurance companies are used to seeing and also accept as evidence.

2. Not Retain Damaged Materials

A fire is life-altering no doubt and the first instinct after such an incident is to clean up the mess and make your space useable and livable again. But removing damaged parts of your property or tossing away materials that are beyond repair can hurt your fire insurance claim.

This is because your policy requires that all the fire damage be available for inspection. In fact, your damaged materials and property could provide valuable clues to your insurance company of what actually happened to your house during the fire.

If discarding damaged stuff is unavoidable, make sure to click as many photos as you can and also shoot extensive videos so nothing about the soon-to-be-discarded materials gets missed. This can serve as crucial evidence in case of a dispute.

Another option is that of providing a reasonable amount of time for your insurance company to inspect the damage and file a report. Once this step is over you can go ahead and remove damaged materials from your property.

3. Not Hire a Fire Claims Adjuster

Just after you file a fire insurance claim, adjusters from your insurance company pay you a visit. They assess the damages and quote an amount.

The question that arises now is — how will you decide that the amount you are being offered is what you deserve. This is where professional fire adjusters come into the picture.

They are experienced at handling the legalities and complexities of the entire claims process. Hiring a fire claims adjuster can be life changing for you.

Fire claims adjusters not only deal with your insurance company to tackle the legal side of the process, they also ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

TX Fire Claim Can Help You

Our fire claims adjusters understand the difficult situation you are in. They know where to start and how to go about taking care of everything. Since they have the experience and know the ins and outs of such cases, they can deal with the tactics insurance companies use for not wanting to pay up.

Not only do our fire specialists document the damage to your property, they also help you identify hidden damages. These are those damages that can cause massive problems later.

Professionals at TX Fire Claims work for you to ensure you receive a fair amount for all your losses and are paid your claim quickly without delay. For a fire claim quote you can call (844)567-FIRE and get directly in touch with our team of experts.


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