Do Triple Glazing Worthy of Its Price?

 Do Triple Glazing Worthy of Its Price?

You can look up to triple glazing when double-glazing fails to do the work effectively. But addition of third pane can elongate the step of installation with that of cost as well. If you want to know if triple glazing is worthy or not then you must continue reading this blog.

How triple glazing works?

Single glazing is all about window with single glass pane. Double glazing comprises of two and triple glazing is about three. All of them are distinguished from each other by small gaps of air. It possesses similar principle to that of double glazing.

The thin air gaps acts as extra barrier within the panes to ensure its high effectiveness against noise and heat loss. Triple glazing has 5 layers- 2 gaps of air and 3 panes dedicated to deliver some excellent benefits. 

Heat loss

Significant heat loss is the key reason of the worthy of triple glazing! By installing an additional pane barely heat can pass through ensuring proper insulation of the home. So, with this you can easily keep the home at comfortable temperature lessening the allowance of cold air. You can observe a great impact on energy bills which will save you a lot of money.

Noise reduction

Triple glazing is excellent when it comes to reduction of noise in the property. It is slightly thick in contrast to that of double-glazed ones. The thickness of the panes acts as barrier to sound waves resulting in no noise disturbances in your home.


You might have come across numerous reasons to get triple glazing! But as more number of panes will be there making the gaps within interior and exterior panes chance will lessen to get the interior panes cold. It will not be able to attract moisture from the humid air eradicating the chance of condensation too.

Triple glazing diminishes the issue of condensation as newly installed unit is completely sealed. However, it is still vulnerable to crack and break down over the course of time. Then, you will experience same misty-windows again.


High number of glass panes and large barrier are really tough to break! Burglars can easily deal with single-glazed windows. Double-glazing will consume some time and triple glazing needs abrupt strong force to break into the property. So it is hard for the criminals to breach the security of a property.

Does triple glazing worthy?

It is really worthy for delivering on time. For heat retention, reduction of noise, elimination of the condensation and improvement of the security it worth completely its cost. But sometimes it is not better for elimination of the condensation and reduction of the noise in heritage properties. At that time you have to rely on secondary glazing rendering similar benefits over-heading triple glazing in multiple ways.

Contrast between triple glazing and secondary glazing

Triple glazing refers to double or single window replacement while secondary glazing is all about repairing your existing windows. The installation is so smart and discreet that it will not notice by anyone even from inside.

Alike triple-glazing work secondary glazing is also about inclusion of additional glass pane to seal the air gap in your existing window structure. The work is carried out with the use of secondary sealed unit. Remember this extra layer promotes the thermal efficiency of the windows. Secondary glazing also makes it tough for the hot air to pass through enhancing the retention up to 70%.

Gap is quite large in both secondary and primary windows and secondary glazing makes non-uniform structure. It never allows the air to pass through them along with sound waves. So such high sound wave dissipation the noise reduction is 5X efficient in your home.

Condensation gets removed which triple glazing is unable to address. With full seal, secondary glazing minimises the condensation for the double-glazing unit. Hence with secondary glazing you can obtain secondary robust window with enhanced security. Although it is also robust yet; two windows need breaking of panes to make the passage for the thieves.

Complete worthiness of secondary glazing

It is fully worth whether you believe or not if you have specific choice for your property. It is a better option if you want window replacement for proper heat retention. But whilst it is about efficient performance across board then secondary glazing is best fit for existing windows. 

Hire the glazing expert in London for repairing your windows for optimum efficiency! The professional will offer everything you need for existing window transformation. Also you can get installation services!


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