Do you want to remove or deactivate an Apple ID?

 Do you want to remove or deactivate an Apple ID?

The Apple ID, also called Apple ID, is the most important credential available to be able to use any device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac. It is something like an identity card, of which only one can be entered user on each device. However, there are no limits on the creation of Apple IDs, so it is possible to have several. Here we will show you how to completely remove an Apple ID if you have one that you no longer use.

Delete your Apple account permanently

As we mentioned before, it is possible to delete all the information from your Apple account in a very simple way, as we will see in the following sections. Of course, we also consider that you should know in advance what a process like this entails.

Aspects to consider

The first thing you should do before proceeding with the deletion is to log out of all the devices on which you logged in with that account. This will help you to prevent errors from appearing in them once the account does not exist, since the computer will be trying to connect to a non-existent account and this can cause a certain crash that, surely, is not serious, but it is better to prevent it.

You should also keep in mind that doing this will cause all your information associated with that account to be lost. Among these data, those that you have synchronized with iCloud in that account stand out, such as photos, videos, calendars, notes, contacts or data from some applications. If you have important information, we advise you to put it in a safe place beforehand because you will not be able to retrieve it later.

Another thing you should know (and that you probably already suspected) is that you can always open a new account again. You may want to delete the account because you are going to stop having Apple devices, but if you ever choose to buy another one it will allow you to create a new account. In fact, if you don’t delete your current account, you can continue using it with the information you already have.

Suspending account

Before suspending your account, you have to keep in mind that suspending it does not exempt you from some things, and that you will also lose access to some of the applications that you normally use. On the Apple website you can see the characteristics that occur when you suspend your account, as well as the steps to follow to recover it. They are not very complicate steps, but before doing so you have to be sure that you really want to cancel it.

You will also not be able to receive or make FaceTime calls. Even if you suspend your account, the orders you may have place are not suspend and are still in progress. If you have contract Apple Care, your case will be keep, but you will not be able to access it. What will be cancel will be the appointments you have in the Apple Store. In the event that you are enroll in the iPhone renewal program, you will have to continue paying for your device. But by reactivating the account, you will be able to enjoy all these things again without any problem or inconvenience.

Can it be temporarily removed?

When you see the steps to follow to delete your Apple ID, you will notice that there is an option that allows you to delete the account, but only temporarily. Therefore, yes, you can opt for this option if you are going to spend some time without using the account, but you do not want the data to be delete and you can access it again later. Data such as those discussed above regarding photos, calendars and more.

During that time you will not be able to log in with that account, since in order to do so you must have activated it again from the website that we will indicate in the following sections. Of course, keep in mind that all the subscriptions you have associate with that account are cancel. It will also be convenient that, even in this case, you log out of the devices to avoid problems


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