Does Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

 Does Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Whether we agree to it or not, we all have some or the other kind of addiction. While someone may be addicted to music, others are stuck to playing mobile games or social media. It only gets worse when the addiction is so bad that it starts affecting our health. People get addicted to smoking, drinking alcohol, and even drugs and find it difficult to function normally. And this is when those people are sent to addiction rehab centers. However, addiction rehab centers are not that cost-effective and one may have to pay quite a good amount of money to get proper treatment there. This is where health insurance comes into the picture.

What are the Addiction Rehab Centers?

If you are an addict and after years of substance abuse, now you want to live a normal life but are not able to do it; fret not, you can very easily find a solution by getting admission to an Addiction Rehab Center. Once you start your treatment at one such center, you will not only be able to come out of your addiction but you will also be helped to become a good citizen of the country.

A traditional rehabilitation center takes the process forward in four separate phases. The steps include Intake in which a customized plan is created, and then it is followed by Detoxification in which all the drugs are taken out from the body. Then the individual is hospitalized, and the final phase is recovery and aftercare. The entire step-by-step process is life-changing.

Nevertheless, we all know that nothing comes for free in this world. And when we talk about Addiction Rehab Centers, we need to be aware of the fact that the charges can be very high. This is one of the reasons that not everyone can afford such treatments.

If you have some kind of addiction and you want to get rid of it or you know someone who needs to beat the addiction, this is time you should get in touch with a reputed Addiction Rehab Center. Well, if you are concerned about the charges, you can consider opting for addiction rehab health insurance.

Addiction rehab health insurance is a blessing in disguise for the drug addicts who can get their treatment in the rehab center without spending a lot of money from their pockets, and take this as a second chance to be a part of society.

One of the many reasons why insurance companies provide coverage on one such treatment is philanthropy. Also, the condition is easily treatable; therefore, it makes more sense for the insurance companies to provide coverage. Apart from all of these, ever since the insurance companies have started providing coverage on drugs and alcohol rehab, they have seen an increase in the numbers of insurance plans that are being bought by the people. This has not only been beneficial for the policyholders but the insurance companies as well.

Do the insurance benefits cover the entire duration of stay?

It totally depends on the insurance company that you have bought your insurance plan from. Also, you must check with the insurer what they consider medically necessary. The treatment team of the insurance company usually conducts a review when the policyholder starts the treatment. This is done to assess the physical as well as mental health of the insured. Based on the severity of the symptoms, the insurer makes a recommendation on the duration of the stay. However, the process may differ from one insurer to the other and you must get clear information before buying the insurance plan. If you still want to get more information on this, you can visit the website of IIFL.


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