Does Steam Cleaning Damage Fabric?

 Does Steam Cleaning Damage Fabric?

Fabric Steam Cleaning

We’ve been asked by customers, contractors, and friends about the effect of steam cleaning on fabric. Many people are concerned that the high heat involved in steam cleaning will damage their clothes. The answer is no – provided your steamer has a low enough wattage rating and you use appropriate settings for the fabric being cleaned.

A 1,500-watt steam cleaner can generate as much as 186 degrees F of steam, which can sometimes cause problems when used with delicate fabrics. You want to make sure your machine’s wattage setting is appropriate for the fabric type you’re trying to clean. Fabric types vary widely in how well they withstand higher temperatures; for example silk may be fine at 185 degrees F but wool might need lower temps.

It’s best to err on the side of caution and lower your steam cleaner settings a bit from what is stated in manuals. (Keep in mind that our steamer user guide recommends a maximum setting of 15 grams of steam per square meter.)

Finally, make sure your steam cleaner is appropriately sized for the job. In general, you want a cleaner with a low-wattage setting (under 1500 watts) but high steam output. Also check out our selection of steam cleaners that are specifically designed for delicate fabrics.


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