Don’t Make the Mistake of Purchasing the Wrong Bathroom Basin – The Buying Guide for Basins

 Don’t Make the Mistake of Purchasing the Wrong Bathroom Basin – The Buying Guide for Basins

You may believe that choosing a new basin for the bathroom is easy. But there are many things you need to consider before you purchase a bathroom basin. Bathroom basins come in nearly every shape and size imaginable. However, your final decision must follow the blend of design and function your bathroom needs. Most importantly, it should reflect your style.

You must purchase the right product the first time so you won’t end up with the buyer’s regret. Stick until the end of this article to know the primary things you need to consider in your buying journey.

  1. Examine your wall

Check the structure of your bathroom walls and then decide which of the three basic basin types you want: pedestal, wall hung, or countertop. Consider if the type you are choosing comes in the shape, size, form, and material you want or not.

You must have a clear understanding of options to have a successful installation. You must know the workings of your pipes and how the set-up will function and look in relation to the room.

If you are concerned about the strength and condition of your walls, it is best to opt for a freestanding vanity unit.

  1. Complementary styles 

If you are switching to a new basin, it will be much easier and more cost-effective to install the type that complements your bathroom most. However, it doesn’t mean you are restricted to the same size or style of the basin.

If you have a good wall or an artistic wall, a semi pedestal would complement it and help keep your floor space clear.

  1. Small spaces

While basins are a terrific option for smaller rooms with limited floor space, you must check the walls first. If you have a good wall, a semi pedestal will suit your bathroom and give a clean look to your bathroom.

  1. Exposed pipework 

A pedestal bathroom basin is your best choice if you want to conceal pipework projecting from the floor. But if your pipework juts out of the wall, a semi pedestal or wall hung style is a better alternative. It will make your bathroom look neater.

  1. Contemporary styles

If you want a piece that looks more fashionable than a pedestal basin, a countertop basin may be just what you are looking for. You can add a classy touch to your decor with a high-rise basin mixer and vanity unit.

  1. Measure the basin’s dimension 

Basins come in various sizes and styles, so you need to factor in how a large or small basin will impact the room. Will a large basin look bulky and dominate the space? On the other hand, will a smaller basin be inadequate for your needs?

  1. Faucet compatibility

The size and shape of the sink must work with your bathroom’s faucet. Sinks are typically drilled with one or three holes to accommodate either a single handle faucet or one with separate handles. Overall, for a single-handle faucet, the sink should at least be sing-holed. But some single handle faucets are incorporated with an escutcheon that enables them to work with three-hole sinks.

The bathroom basin might be the busiest fixture in your bathroom, especially in this time of the pandemic. Choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom’s structure and design is crucial to get the most functionality and service from it.

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