Dr. Keshia Gaines’s New Book Club Pick: Elevated by Misty Stevenson

 Dr. Keshia Gaines’s New Book Club Pick: Elevated by Misty Stevenson

The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine combines entertainment and information in a fun mini-magazine. The magazine features articles on nutrition, fitness, savings tips, fun crafts, travel ideas, and Dr. Gaines’s famous word search puzzle. Recently, Dr. Gaines and her staff kicked off a book club catered to new published authors. The first book club pick was Elevated: The Rise of the Underdog by Misty Stevenson and several other guest authors.

Misty Stevenson’s Elevated

Ms. Misty Stevenson’s Elevated: The Rise of the Underdog is a great option if you’re looking for a book that celebrates female strength. Stevenson’s debut memoir is filled with inspiring stories of women who achieved greatness despite obstacles. The book is packed with inspiring quotes from these women who were once considered in the struggle of life. It’s inspiring to read how these women rose from nothing to become some of the world’s most prominent and successful women.

Misty Stevenson wrote a story about her latest business venture when she needed some inspiration. Reflecting on the obstacles she had overcome, she was able to find motivation. She decided to tell her story and include the experiences of other women who’ve been in similar circumstances. Elevated is packed with stories that inspire others to follow their dreams.

Guest Author Spotlight- Ms. Monique Cooks: 

We kick off Dr. Gaines’s book club pick with an interesting interview with Ms. Monique Cooks, one of Elevated’s guest authors. Starting on page 123 of the book, Ms. Cooks tells her story titled “Dreamgirl or Beautiful Nightmare” which centers around conflict, triumph, and self-improvement. We had the opportunity to do an online interview with Ms. Monique Cooks to find out her motivation for writing and a few other interesting facts about her background.

Interview with Ms. Monique Cooks, Book Co-Author

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM When did you first realize that you wanted to write your story inside Elevated?

MONIQUE– I realized I wanted to write in Elevated when I heard the title Elevated: The Rise of the Underdog. It was so inspiring! I wanted to inspire others with my story.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – How long did it take you to write your chapter of the book? Why?

MONIQUE – It took me about a month to write my chapter because it was so personal to me.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – What would you say makes your story interesting and unique? What was your purpose for telling your story?

– My story was so interesting and unique from others because it was all parts of my life put into one chapter and told very delicately. I told this story for the purpose of healing and growth.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – How long have you known the book’s author, Ms. Misty Stevenson?
– I have known Misty for about 10 years.
FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – Have you been in any other books or magazines? Which ones?
– I have been in several magazines. I used to be a print model, but I don’t remember the specific titles. The most recent magazine I was in was the Gulf Coast Women Magazine.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – What do you like to do when you’re not writing? How do you help others?
– When I’m not writing, I’m usually at work or sleeping. I’m the administrative coordinator at Catalyst Counseling and Therapy Services. I help others by being a volunteer. I’m a mental health advocate and a community leader.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – Do you have any suggestions to help other women to become better writers? If so, what are they?
– If you love to write keep doing what you love. I started writing poetry and I still do. If you get the opportunity to write a book or write in a magazine, take those opportunities. Those are the moments that you get to see growth in your craft.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say? Would you consider yourself a popular person in your community? Why or why not?

MONIQUE – I get a little feedback on the chapter or a few questions and it is always welcomed. I do feel like I’m a community leader and that is a blessing and a curse sometimes. I love the fact that I’m loved in the community. I think people forget that I’m a person and I’m allowed to live and make mistakes just like they do.

FOXNEWSTIPS.COM – Thank you so much, Ms. Monique Cooks, for the amazing interview! It is so awesome that this book was featured with The Dr. Keshia Gaines Book Club. We wish you continued success and many blessings in the future!!!


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