How to draw a rabbit

 How to draw a rabbit

How to draw a rabbit. The rabbit is undoubtedly a ‘nice’ animal, and it is probably for this reason that you have decided to search online for a guide that will explain to you in detail how to draw a rabbit. Maybe you want to learn why this is your favorite pet, maybe because you want to draw it for Easter, or maybe, again, because you want to make a portrait of your pet bunny, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve clicked on this guide on how to draw a rabbit simply because you like to draw animals, and you’ve already experienced our step-by-step guides for drawing dogs and horses. In all cases, most likely, you are not a super expert designer: maybe you get along a bit with the pencil, but you still need some little advice to get going and be able to give your best on drawing paper. Well, that’s why we’re here: today, you’ll learn how to draw a rabbit from scratch!

All the accessories you need to draw a rabbit

You can learn all the techniques you want. But to get started, you must first have the necessary drawing accessories in your hands! Don’t suffer. You won’t have to pay a lot. On the contrary: the costs to start drawing are extremely low. Of course, all you need – and which you can find on our online e-commerce of drawing accessories – is a few graphite pencils, a drawing pad for sketches, a sketchbook, an eraser, and an eraser. A sharpener and a fixative spray to make sure you can keep your rabbit drawing. Perhaps you already have most of the necessary drawing accessories. 

To draw with the correct techniques, however, you will need at least a hard pencil, a medium pencil, and a soft pencil: the hard one will serve you to draw clear and precise lines, while the soft one will serve you on the contrary to draw lines—soft, as well as to shade the drawing. Have you got everything you want to get begun? Well, then you are ready to focus on the subject of this guide: let’s see how to draw a rabbit!

You are not drawing a soft toy

If you want your drawn rabbit to have ‘life, and therefore to emerge from your drawing pad, you must learn to look at the rabbit as a natural and complex animal and not as a soft toy. You have to learn to think about its bone structure, its muscles because it will be these details – but not only – that will make the difference between a quality drawing and drawing ideas.

That’s not all: before learning how to draw a rabbit, you also need to think about which rabbit you want to draw. If there is no rabbit in your garden or house that darts very fast from one corner to another, you have to decide if you want to draw a marten rabbit, angora, a dwarf ram, a Japanese, a giant chinchilla, and go saying. In Italy, there are over 40 registered species, and between one and the other, they change the size, proportions, colors, hair length, etc. Choose what your subject will be, and study it thoroughly before starting!

How to draw a rabbit: let’s start with the sketches

draw a rabbit

The first fundamental step is, as always, constituted by the sketches. To learn how to draw a rabbit, you need to pick up your sketch pad, then your sketch paper, and quickly start sketching the rabbit you are going to hatch. To study your subject well, we advise you to make sketches of the animal in different positions: your bunny can be flattened on the grass with low ears, on all fours and attentive, with straight ears, or maybe even standing while smelling the air. Either way, you need to figure out how to structure your draft, starting with the torso part of your rabbit. When viewed from the side, the pet’s torso can be seen as a reasonably stocky kidney; if seen from the front, however, it can practically become a circle. 

The muzzle has the shape of an avocado, from which its long ears are prominent and marked. The thighs of the legs have a bean shape; that behind, given the classic crouching position of the rabbit when it is at rest, however, tend to be flattened, forming an oval figure together with the rest of the paw. We must be cautious with the proportions: a rabbit crouched and seen from the side, for example, could initially be sketched with three ovalized circles: one large and central, to define the body of the mammal and two smaller ones. One at the front and the top symbolize the head, and one at the bottom, slightly larger, where the rabbit’s rear thigh must draw.

How to draw a rabbit quickly in steps

Once you’ve done a thorough rabbit study on your sketch sheet, you’ll have figured out how to draw a rabbit from scratch. You will then be available to pass on to the actual portrait: have you already arrived? So take a sheet out of your sketchbook, put aside your three sketching pencils and erasers, and get started. First of all, you will need to start from the sketch, establishing the position and proportions of your drawing. Once this is done, you can trace the outline of your rabbit with a hard pencil. At this stage, you won’t have to think about the fur or the shadows: instead, you have to focus on the external lines, the expression of the rabbit, and its movement. When everything is perfectly traced, focus a little on the muzzle, and outline the expression of the animal.

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