Duct Cleaning in Thornbury: Why Ducts Need Regular Maintenance

 Duct Cleaning in Thornbury: Why Ducts Need Regular Maintenance

Mature man taking out a dirty air filter from a home ceiling air return vent. Male removing a dirty air filter with both hands in a house from a HVAC ceiling air vent.

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Why Ducts Need Regular Maintenance

1. Ducts can become dirty and discoloured from many causes. Determine the cause before diagnosing. For instance, can be caused by dust, mold or mildew build-up, pet urine and food odour.

2. If not cleaned properly, the mildew can cause infections and serious allergies and can also lead to asthma.

3. Viruses, molds and other micro-organisms can spread from dirty ducts to living areas of the house.

4. Your visitors can get infections if you leave the ducts uncleaned.

5. If you have pets, they may try to relieve themselves in the ducts. Tips For Cleaning Ducts

a) Determine the condition of your ducts with the help of duct cleaning specialist.

b) Open your windows or turn off your air conditioner if you want to do the cleaning yourself.

What Are the Health Issues of Dirty Ducts?

Dirty and neglected air ducts can directly impact people’s respiratory health. Furthermore, when the ducts are not cleaned regularly, the moisture levels increase which can lead to fungal growth. As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air in American homes can contain higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air, however it is the indoor air that can become unsafe due to dirt, dust, and pollen.

Symptoms of Duct Cleaning in Thornbury : What to look out for Dirt on the walls in and around your home can actually become a major problem, as this dirt holds onto pollutants and is deposited on the surfaces or filtered ducts, and the Duct Cleaning in Thornbury service provider will clean it to ensure the indoor air quality is maintained.

Signs That You Need to Clean Your Ducts

Smelly, musty odours can arise in the house from these dirty air ducts. Coughs, trouble breathing and trouble sleeping are some of the signs. Dirty Air Ducts Give an Infectious Flavour to Your Food A dirty air duct system can give off a foul odour. If a person is to consume food cooked in a dirty air duct, he will have an adverse effect on his health. Ducts Can Cause a Sticky Smell It is observed that a musty, sticky smell occurs when a dirtier duct system is cleaned. Dirty air ducts give off a musty, sticky smell that can also be found in attics and basements.

How To Clean Your Ducts

It is generally recommended to clean ducts on a periodic basis. Duct cleaners like MG Mufflers can clean your ducts to ensure the indoor air quality is maintained. When To Clean Your Ducts Every year, we should clean the ducts. The removal of winter debris and dust, after cleaning your ducts, you can stop any possible fire. You can also prevent any cross-contamination by checking the smoke detector and make sure the level of carbon monoxide is within the set levels. How To Clean Your Ducts There are some simple steps to clean your ducts on a regular basis: Clean your baseboards and sweep away the leaves and debris. Spray some disinfectant. Lift the soffit and find the spider’s web struts or damaged braces. Spray with the hose attachment to get rid of the dust.


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