Duct Cleaning Mooroolbark: Why You Should Get Professionally Clean Your Ducts

 Duct Cleaning Mooroolbark: Why You Should Get Professionally Clean Your Ducts

Why should you get your ducts professionally clean?

Allergens are a major health concern for most people, especially people with allergies. According to a recent study by the University of Surrey, over 50 per cent of all fires are caused by allergens. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. The high prevalence of allergens can be very dangerous for anyone. In fact, a study conducted by UCL found that 95 per cent of all cases of asthma are triggered by certain allergens. Apart from eliminating allergens, professional duct cleaning can also help you save on your electricity bill. When humidity levels are high, you may start to see a brown tinge to your A/C. The mist of moisture that comes from these vents can raise the humidity levels in your room.

What are the benefits of a professional duct cleaning service?

Homeowners without the means to hire professionals to remove their ducts can remove a lot of filth without compromising on the quality of the air that enters the house. Apart from getting the ducts cleaned professionally, home owners can save a lot of money by employing these tips to increase the airflow.

 Use Fan Furnaces We should know by now that the air inside your home is what controls how your house feels to you. The quality of your sleep and how well you can sleep at night. In many cases, the air quality indoors isn’t very good. Using duct cleaners can increase the quality of your indoor air. These vacuum cleaners remove several allergens from your house. This is great for preventing headaches and allergies.

When should you get your ducts cleaned?

Duct cleaners typically assess whether your home is eligible to be professionally cleaned based on the Ontario Fire Code. Most of the time, the process of cleaning your ducts takes three to four hours. How much does a duct cleaner cost? Duct cleaners normally charge by the hour, and prices depend on the size of the duct and the job required. A little-known fact is that a professional duct cleaner can often suggest free duct cleaning to those who live in buildings that have up to four units in one storey. But if your building has five or more storeys, you might have to part with a little more money. In fact, for homes that have nine units in one storey, a professional duct cleaner may charge between $200 and $300, including labor.

The upfront cost of hiring a professional

Would you rather pay for duct cleaning and not have to use your heating during the time the duct is being cleaned? Duct cleaning for your car Do you have a remote-controlled car? Does the exhaust pipe not drain completely? Using duct cleaning equipment can fix these problems. How can you hire a professional? To hire a duct cleaner, check out these handy tips: Ask the company for a reference number. Even if they are not the ones who worked on your home, a colleague or friend may be able to share some positive stories. Look at how long the company has been in business for. Does it provide a guarantee? Determine what is covered by the warranty. If the duct cleaners need to return to your home to clean out clogged ducts, ask how much notice they are expected to give you.

Common reasons for unclean ducts

Some homeowners believe that they will be fine with their ducts. But you must realize that ducts that are kept dirty for a long time can become blockages for years. This is what leads to a buildup of dangerous pollutants. These can lead to all sorts of ailments such as headaches, stomach issues, allergies, as well as congestion, breathing difficulties, and more. Getting rid of the dust and debris You will have to clear the dust from your ducts periodically. This is to allow for the efficient functioning of the heating system. Even if you don’t notice any visible deposits, this can take a toll on the energy efficiency of your home. The same applies to your home’s air quality. Cleaning your ducts regularly helps prevent blocked ducts. This can even lead to a rise in energy bills.


Whether you hire a professional, or a do it yourself solution, getting rid of the dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, or other elements that clutter your home, will greatly improve the air quality. It will help you breathe easier, get rid of allergies and other respiratory problems, and improve your overall health.


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