Duct Cleaning Sorrento: The Best Way to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

 Duct Cleaning Sorrento: The Best Way to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

The importance of duct cleaning

NADCA estimates that 10% of Australia homes have moldy air ducts. In a recent study on bathroom mold, researchers found that it was highly contagious and one of the most contagious diseases. It’s important to check the health of your air ducts regularly. It is not normal for dust in your air ducts to go below 3 inches. If you don’t know how to check the condition of your air ducts, check out the websites over the internet : Air duct cleaning Sorrento There are a number of air duct cleaning options out there, so you have plenty of options to pick from.

The importance of hiring a professional

Before you hire a professional HVAC service, make sure to check their credentials. They must have a well-documented history in the area. You can ask your friends and family to tell you all about them, or go to online reviews to see if others have had good or bad experiences. Always ask about the technician’s education, certifications and insurance coverage. Ask for references and check them out. What to expect from duct cleaning Sorrento When you have ducts cleaned by professional HVAC duct cleaners, you will end up with a cleaner house. They have the know-how to effectively clean the air ducts and replace or clean any moldy filters. This allows you to sleep better and breathe better air, resulting in less time spent sick in bed.

What to expect when having your ducts cleaned

Duct cleaners come to your house and start up their equipment. They typically follow a three step cleaning process. They start by vacuuming out all the dust, dirt, and debris from your air ducts. They then sweep out the top and bottom of the ducts. They typically finish off by cleaning the screens on your HVAC units. The entire process usually takes one to two hours, depending on your size home or business. You are going to have to close your windows for the entire duration of your duct cleaning. This will be the longest part of your day, and the majority of your noise will come from outside your house. At the end, you will walk out your back door, and there is not going to be a cloud of dust to greet you. The entire process should take only about an hour.

The importance of scheduling an inspection and cleaning yearly

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) provides some good insight in regards to air duct cleaning and the best ways to keep your family and property safe and healthy. They recommend an annual cleaning to keep away nasty and dangerous mold and mildew. One of the most important factors in keeping your family safe is a proper air duct cleaning. Ducts can often get to be almost unusable with mold and mildew in them. And just like moldy vegetables in your fridge, this could be an indicator of a serious health issue, especially if you have children in the house. By getting this service done regularly, mold and mildew will not be able to grow back and threaten your health or your family’s safety. Another key factor in this equation is prevention.


Duct cleaning Sorrento is the best way to keep your family safe and healthy. If you are not ready to do it yourself, get in touch with professionals. They can provide you with a professional, comprehensive air duct cleaning treatment. It is important to know that air ducts will grow mold, mildew and mildew spores and black mold if not cleaned regularly.


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